Teen Area

Hi Walter,Is there going to be a strict age limit on entering the Teen area,otherwise my 12 year old son and his friend are going to be mightily disappointment,as he feels the kids area is too babyish for them.Thanks for any info.

I'd been keen to hear the answer to this too - I can't see my 12 (nearly 13) year old daughter wanting to go anywhere near the kids' area.

Do they not check wrist bands or anything? I would be quite prepared to pay for a teen ticket anyway, I was astonished at only having to pay a fiver for a 12 year old.

ah... didn't think of that

but i'd be very surprised if they got uppity about a 12 year old going into the teen area

all the stewards are volunteers

and almost universally lovely in my experience

they're not going to want tiny kids in there - as that'll obviously put off the older kids

but someone on the cusp?  i'd be astonished if it were an issue