SXSW cancelled

Don't want to be a scaremonger but I hope all UK festivals are adequately insured.

edinburgh festival just cancelled

which is august...

they have a cumulative audience of over 4 million

so obvs on a different scale

but i think the chances of any festivals happening this year are getting slimmer by the day

I can't imagine a situation developing where it was thought to be acceptable for there to be large gatherings of any sort before autumn.

Hoping schools and universities will be able to start as normal in September and October but not banking on it.

if you read the full announcement from Shrewsbury, the decision is due to the Covid 19, worsened by the flooding earlier in the year and therefore unable to complete the essential major repair work to the site due to the lock down.  Looks like we might have longer to wait before any GM announcement is made.

If they start relaxing restrictions on movement by August based on factors like age group and susceptibility that’s us lot done for anyway. I’ve not given up all hope yet, but can’t say I‘m feeling even slightly optimistic about the likelihood of it going ahead this year now. On the plus side, it now seems I have a surprisingly large number of tickets already booked for events taking place in 2021. 

I really don't think it's going to be possible to allow large gatherings of any sort to go ahead by August, particularly ones like festivals where sanitary facilities aren't great. I, for one, am quite happy for my tickets to roll over for 2021. Still thinking if I get to a gig before Pictish Trail next March then that's a bonus.

Not really adding anything here but I just can't see any way this can go ahead. Just hoping we are back up and running in the festival game for next season at this point to be honest.

Bare in mind he is the same healthcare expert who told everyone to stop overreacting and that it was less serious than Sars and he could not see it spreading in the USA--this was in January.

Interesting that Womad was told they had to cancel by local authoritys---makes you wonder if the Welsh government would want thousands of people from major UK cities to visit the Welsh countryside.

Yeah, mr ray that is a rather sobering piece isn't it?

I think Green Man should get an announcement out quickly cancelling this year and being upbeat about next year (and hoping that Guardian article is overly pessimsitic) and encouraging people to hang on to thir tickets. Maybe get some of this year's acts to do some livstreams over the GM weekend? Or would that makes us too damn sad?


Now Oktoberfest has been cancelled.  Ok, it is a big international event so they would not want to risk reinfection from foreign travel but they have also barred even a 'local event' From happening.

bit of an eyeopener if you look at the attitude shown by the money grabbing commercial festivals.  Look at reading @nd Leeds festivals websites and facebooks and there is no mention of any possibility of having to cancel, just doing their upmost to sell more tickets.  On the Reading Facebook, one person keeps asking what might happen to her ticket if the event is just gets ignored whilst more stupid images of Lewis Capaldi are posted (as if this is likely to sellmore tickets)



A little unfair I think,wouldn't dream of going to Reading nowadays but like many it was my teenage introduction to festivals.It comes after GM so you would expect it to announce a cancellation later.They have sent an email to all ticket holders explains the situation but it looks like if they carry this year's line up to next year then they do not have to refund--i could be wrong on this.I expect most people with tickets would not want a cancellation while any slim hope remains.I don't expect it to go ahead though.I have a festival at the start of July which still has not cancelled and I have final payments for cottages for that one and Crickhowell which I don't want to cancel just in case.



Every gathering of over 5,000 will not be licenced here (Ireland) until up to the end of August at least. Statement issued by government yesterday. So all summer festivals here are officially cancelled (Electric Picnic, All together now, Longitude etc) as well as GAA championship etc. 


Just a couple of weeks ago I thought Krasnyi's thoughts above were overly gloomy but if you offered me a gig (just 1 more gig) before the end of this year I think I'd settle for that. 

Thats Eskfest my July festival cancelled,I'm sure GM and EOTR soon----if festivals are back next year at least everything will already be paid for.

Yes,it's was more for the location,we love Eskdale,but a festival at the base of the mountains sounded magical.We have been to the beer festival in the valley a few times----every direction you look is a stunning view.

Gutted about all this. I may have missed this, but are we expecting that they will give us the choice of refund or rollover to next year, in the (certain) event of cancellation?

Time to bow to the inevitable. Hope some kind of virtual Green Man can be put togther. I'm planning on creating a mud patch in the garden and taking out a cider and a falafel wrap whilst someone sprays me with the hosepipe.

Assuming this year’s Green Man is cancelled, do we think 2021 will be an entirely different lineup, or might they rebook as many as possible from this year’s? We never did find out who was to be included in the second announcement. Probably best not to know now, as it would only add to the misery. 

I certainly don't want to suggest going ahead if we haven't moved on monumentally from where we are today... but what is the benefit to cancelling right now, if operationally and financially they don't need to? It seems unthinkable that they would be able to go ahead, but I am struggling a bit to see why they need to rush to this (again assuming that they could operationally pull it together).  

Presumably the longer they go on without cancelling the longer they have to be actually organising stuff in case it happens, which must be a bit difficult. When/if (surely when) it's cancelled, they can have a hardcore working on keeping the company afloat (insurance claims etc) and furlough the rest of the staff until it's time to work on Green Man 2021.

If large gatherings (and travelling to them) are allowed by mid-august, the infection would still be so widespread that it would be almost impossible to ensure that nobody was infected, even with testing etc. Think I'm in the position of actively wanting it to be cancelled this year, I just don't see how it can be safe.

Think you're dead right there blackcatista. Call me a doom-monger (go on I dare you) I wouldn't be overly cofident about large gatherings happening in 2021 either unless the white-coated boffins come up with a workable vaccine.

It's not even as simple as saying that if it's allowed to happen then it will. Even if restrictions are lifted on large gatherings bands still have to make it to Green Man to play. And with travel issues set to last for at least several months and many festivals already cancelled across Europe some artists might not be able to play anyway. 

Made my peace with GM being cancelled a few weeks ago as it seems inevitable, will miss it like crazy though - not just the weekend itself which is the highlight of our year - but also the build up, discovering new bands and multiple ever-expanding playlists on repeat for months on end.  Hopefully back with a bang next year.  Agree that large gathering may still be an issue but I think major sports teams/entertainment venues will lead the way and if not a vaccine better testing/contract tracing and treatments will allow us to gather in numbers and share that GM magic next Summer.


Tell you what though I'll never again take for granted the simple pleasure of standing in a muddy field, getting drizzled on lightly whilst listening to a band I'd never heard 3 months earlier but now adore.

Arctangent is cancelled now. Held the same weekend as Green Man albeit on a much smaller scale. If large events are up and running by this time next year I'll be pleasantly surprised. 


(I'm a he) and another GM Dad - my username was a very quickly chosen bad Buddy Holly pun, it wasn't deliberate at the time but I quite like that's its ambiguous - very modern



You've all made some really good points and I cannot see how this can safely go ahead this year. I even wonder about next year if there isn't a vaccine, though it pains me to say that. I really feel for the organisers but in the (very unlikely) event that it does go ahead, I wonder how many folk would actually feel comfortable going? I know I wouldn't: I'm just not 100% confident that I would be able to keep my family safe. I also think that the psychological effects of lockdown will mean lots of people will be a bit more nervous about large gatherings like GM for quite a while, sadly.

Lucinda Williams has postponed her August appearance in Kilkenny for exactly a year to August 2021. I presume she'd be a cert now for Green Man 2021. 

Not a festival cancellation but does add some perspective to timescales.

Was due to see Dom Joly at Monmouth, which was postponed and rescheduled for December this year.  Just had notification that the December date looks unlikely as there is a high probability gatherings will still be 'prohibited'.  Due to his other commitments the new date will be in October next year.  
anyone else got a booking that has been rescheduled for more than 17 months from now? 

Primavera Sound has now been rescheduled for June 2021, after initially being put back until the end of August. Probably about time they bowed to the inevitable now and confirm it won’t be happening this year. 

Inevitable but still very sad. We need to hope that there's a vaccine in place by next year. Without one I fear there can be no festivals or gigs or any large gatherings in 2021 either.