super early bird shambles

this isn't going well, is it?

first the programme lists them as on sale july 19th rather than august

and at 9am

this morning ticketline says 10am

then, at 10am, changes its mind to 11am

and now, at 11am, the 'on sale soon' links have just vanished

to be replaced with 'sorry, we don't have any green man tickets on sale at the moment.'

still, we had a nice time the last few days

a few hundred?

there are specific ticket numbers on the order

anyone who bought today got a high one to give us an idea?

we can't help as we have 10, 11, 12 and 13 for next year!

To be fair to Ticketline I had an e.mail yesterday from Green Man and followed the link in it which took me to Ticketline. I managed to purchase tickets very easily

Bought first thing this morning: 371 & 372 for our adult tickets. So I'm guessing maybe 500 adult tickets went on sale?