Spare ticket available!


my girlfriend isn't coming to Green Man as our dog has been poorly, so as a result, we've now got a ticket spare.

Does anyone need one/ know of anyone who needs one?!


The ticket chaos continues:D 

I'm not sure there has been more than half a day in the last few months where I've not wanted tickets for someone or had tickets to sell for people!




You'll need to make an account, then click on the "General Bosrd" then type "Faeriekisses" in the search box on the right hand side, then you can click on my profile and send a message

(This is how I managed to sell my settler parking pass to a forum regular:) )



I trried, but the search option didn't seem to come up with anything. I searched usernames I could see on posts and it didn't come up with anything either so I've sent you a message on Facebook. Hopefully!

I can also be found on Facebook, Arwen Burns (editided my settings so anyone can see me... shudders... must remember to go back into stealth mode).