Somewhere - new Teens area


We're introducing a brand-new area for teens at the festival this year - from free-running to filmmaking and fashion fun, 'SOMEWHERE' is the perfect place to run wild and make some noise at Green Man 2013!

Here’s a taster of what to expect if you head to Somewhere this summer…

Woof Woof!


This is a real cool idea... don't think i would have liked to be in a 'kids' area when i was a teenager... Good old Greenman thinkign about everybody : )


Looks awesome - maybe I'll disguise myself as a teenager and sneak in for the big screen gaming. 

Great - my pals teenagers who come to GM will love this, and hopefully it'll stop them asking me for money to go on the ferris wheel fifteen times during the weekend!

That's my 13 year old grandaughter happy then.. or should I say happier, she's ecstatic about Ben Howard already