Solo Green Man Newbie - looking for camping buddies

Hello lovely Green Man People!

This is my first time at Green Man, and Ive heard great things from people Ive met at Glasto. I was coming with a friend but they're no longer able to make it and as it looks like such an awesome festival Im still keen to go.

Get in touch if you're also a solo or small group camper looking for people to generally have a good time with.

Im based in london so if there's anyone else in the city that is looking for some camping buddies maybe we could organise a prefestival meetup.

Rosie :)



Hello Rosie, you're going to love GM, folk are very friendly. 

On the Thursday evening the forum members generally meet up at either the walled garden bar or the one by the far out tent, usually at about 6ish.

It's a great way to meet people, some of whom have been coming for years, quite a few solo festival goers too.

Arrangements are firmed up closer to the festival. 

Because GM is much smaller than Glastonbury you tend to bump into people you've met over the weekend too, which makes for a lovely atmosphere. X

 Whats a festival without the weirdos! Im sure there can't be as many weirdos at GM as you get on a Monday afternoon after glasto!!!


Ray Rad demanding 10% of proceeds for every Actively Avoiding Ray-Rad ruined my weekend tshirt ruined the build up to GM

I'm a bit late to this, but I may also be going to Green Man on my own this year (and also based in London).  I'm a bit nervous about the thought of a whole festival of my own so it would be lovely to 'know' a few people beforehand, even if it's just through this forum.

Hey Rowan Cat!

Not tooo late!! Would be great to meet other solo festival goers - maybe we could arrange to go for a drink somewhere, if you fancy it.

Bonus points if you've been to GM before! :)



Hi Rosie

Sadly I haven't been to GM before, so can't help with any tips or advice!  Sounds like we've both been to Glastonbury in the past and I thought I'd try GM this year.

Yes to a drink sometime - would be great to know at least one face before arriving - and maybe there'll be other solo festival goers who'd like to come along too?