So.. Next year...

Cor! What an incredible GM that was! Thanks for all the birthday love folks.

Who do you want to see for next year? I'll get me paws straight to work.. 

Early Birds on sale 27th Sept from 10am. x 

I always kind of lumbered MBV and JAMC together because of the similar soundscapes and the Creation link. I really like both though! Richard Dawson would be a good one to return too, I'm off to see him in Swansea in March. 


Great sense of humour those pesky Decemberists. 

After announcing a new album and tour (to include Europe possibly around GM time #justsaying) they've only let out a Future Islands parody on Spotify and announced without a hint of irony that it's from the new album!! 

I sussed it straight away. I imagine they'll release the proper version in a few days. 

Please. Their album is lovely.  Really great start to the year.

and Robert Forster.  And Pete Astor.  And Jack Cooper.

and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs would be fun, on the basis of their sterling performance at the Quietus fund raiser last night.  The support act was pretty good too - some bloke called Richard Dawson (can we make him a permanent fixture?  Every performance is life affirming.)

They’re starting to leak lyric ‘clues’ on Twitter I see, ahead of tomorrow’s announcement, so first good as confirmation is Phoebe Bridgers. 


Happy Announcement Day Eve everyone!

I hope Walter brings y'all something special tomorrow. 


very much hoping for the limiñanas in the next announcement

they were in fantastic form on thursday night at rough trade east - playing an hour instead of the usual 30 minutes

and, as anton produced their new record, maybe the BJM could have a word about bringing them along...

Would make my festival if they were announced.

Got tickets for Levitation Room a Los Angeles psych band who sound very like Allah Las debut album---touring in May

Don't know much about the Liminanas, will investigate. 

Would love John Murry to come this year. 

What do you reckon Walter? Woof! x

Just seen the Weather Station in their current electric guise.  just fantastic - and would be great to have back this year.  Those who (I recall) wrote them off as twee Canadians last time round need to have a listen. 

so EOTR have ezra furman and the low anthem - presumably disqualifying either for a GM appearance

and julia holter - which is apparently her only UK festival appearance

(they also have HGM - assume that's why they're not doing GM too)

truly horrible headliners though (bar yo la tengo)

they also have damien jurado - but far enough down the bill that he might conceivably do both

EoTR line-up looks well tasty. Gutted they have HGM!

Also gutted to have to miss Weather Station at the Hare & Hounds tonight. That's country life for you.

St Vincent at GM was a stunning live performance, would certainly be happy with that at EOTR ... but as far away as possible from the other headliners.

Rest of the bill is fantastic, hopefully there'll be a fair bit of crossover with GM to help manage the clashes at each.


Has to be said EOTR's first announcement looks stronger to me. Shame it falls so close to Green Man. I'd love to do both, as I'm sure many would as they are not dissimilar festivals. It would be great if one fell around the end of May. 

EOTR have announced all their headline acts and looks like most of the main lineup.  Green man has more to come.  

Very pleased with GM line up so far.  There are some acts at the other place would not mind seeing (Vampire Weekend & HGM) but so far I am more interested in the GM announcement, plus at least one more headline and moe to come.  

Fed up with carting a cool box to green man only to find the contents have warmed up in less than 12 hours.  Thinking about hiring a refrigerated storage van to park next to my tent.  Only thing is, how noisy are they if running through the night?  I do not want anyone starting a new forum thread ‘all night refrigerated storage van ruined my weekend’.

I have suggested for the last few years that some sort of option to refreeze cool box blocks would be a good idea, particularly for Settlers. It could be similar to the phone charging service with a small donation to charity.

Really enjoyed Marlon Williams last night.  Gonna go down well in August.  Wondering which stage he will be on, will be good in the walled garden.

Big Jeff was there and asked for his recommendations for GM (yes he will be joining us again but did not ask if he was signed up to do a set).  Gave me a list, just got to try to remember who he said and Check them out.

Hoping for Mien--a new band formed from one each from Horrors,Black Angels,Earlies,Swans.Elephant Stone--will not appeal to everyone but if you like your Psych with dark edge  you might enjoy them.

Green Man have said they have tried for First Aid Kit,Breeders and Courtney Barnett but none were available this year.Wonder if that means they are looking for a female headliner?

Some nice additions there. Black Angels, King Gizzard, who I managed to miss last time, HMLTD. Lots more research to do.