They've got to squeeze in another 3,000 campers though. Do you reckon they've shrunk the live-in vehicle area for that (what with people saying how scarce those tickets were)? 

 Why extra campers? I thought we'd established the capacity was 12,000 as last year. The license (or should that be licence? please advise, mr ray) is for 15,000

Did we? That's good then.

I was under the impression they were trying to squeeze more of us in (although I recall that thread lacked a definative answer for as long as I was checking it).

licence / license works like practice / practise

with a 'c' for the noun (i have a driving licence / it's time for band practice)

with an 's' for the verb (the council have licensed these premises / i am practising with my band)

though, confusingly, in america, where they don't distinguish between the verb and noun, having one spelling for both, it's practice (with a 'c')- but license (with an 's')

those crazy yanks

oh, i don't mind venacular

good enough for d h lawrence, good enough for me

is that an accurate reflection of the sound of the tyd?