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Returning to Greenman for the first time in 5 years after years and years of waiting for A2 results that weekend we are finally free! We are arriving in Crickhowell on 11th... being total wimps and have a cottage there. Just wondering if anyone can help with a couple of things.  Firstly what time can we get our wristbands on Thursday? Secondly which is the best way to walk from Crickhowell to the festival site? I see some people have talked about walking along the river which sounds great but where do you access the site from the footpath? Lastly... ( thank god you say!) we have bought park and ride passes and wondering where exactly is the park and ride site and is there any chance that the bus could be persuaded to open the doors in Crickhowell for us to jump off rather than go past the town to the park and ride site?


Sorry for so many questions! 





We are staying in Crickhowell from the 13th in a cottage----just feel more energised for the day after a good nights sleep,shower and breakfast and its a nice town to spend time in.The riverside path takes you to the main entrance--if the weather stays like this  its easy walking but gets very muddy in the rain.Not sure about wristband times but you can use tangarine fields glamping tents from 10am so must bea able to get them before then--this does not mean you can enter the arena though,i think that opened at 12 last year though i could easily be wrong.Never used park and ride so cannot help you there.

The P&R site is about a mile and a half outside the town. Traffic through Crickhowell is always very slow and there is a bus stop there so I would have thought the bus would let you off. I'd suggest checking with the driver beforehand and if it's not possible then give Crickhowell Taxis a call (01873 811 764). Athernatively there is a public bus service alongthe A40, but its not particularly frequent.

The walk along the riverbank is only 35-40 minutes, and is an easy and quite pleasant walk. Starts just opposite the Bridge End Inn and leads straight to the entrance. I wouldn’t fancy it much going back in the early hours mind, but it’s only around a fiver by taxi (I tend to give them a call once i’m headed back to the pick up point). There is an alternative walking route along the canal tow path to access the site at rear main car parking entrance. Also a nice walk of similar lengt. 

it is pitch black along the canal path

so make sure you have a torch!  (or that your phone is charged, obvs)

i'd imagine it must be a good bit longer than from the main entrance along the river too

you have to walk all the way to the back of the site to access it

there is an access point opposite where the glanusk lodge is - behind chai wallahs

but they don't let folk in and out of that entrance any more because the family stay there during the festival

I'll be camping at Park Farm-did this last year. Last year we were told the shuttle bus unfortunately won't stop in Crickhowell.Taxi price went up last year I can't remember how much-it was £10 from Park Farm anyway.It would be good if it did as we could get out and walk to the campsite.I wouldn't attempt walking the river way in the dark,the canal is a good path and relstively easy. The river way takes an hour into Crickhowell

Both roads to the site are hazardous to walk, one narrow and the A 40 very fast. Nowhere to get out of the way on either. River walk is saferthan Road, canal walk a bit further if coming from Crickhowell. Park and ride is about a mile from Crick towards Abergavenny on the old army camp site.if you walk there you might as well walk the other route. river walk brings to the bridge entrance, canal to the entrance ofOrange car park (blue further down). 

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We are now in Crickhowell in a cozy cottage in the pouring rain! Checked out the P n R and 1.5 miles from cottage so a bit flummoxed about what to do.... maybe a taxi ?

Do they let anyone on shuttle bus? I've got pnr passes but these seem to be for the car.


Thanks again and can't wait til Thursday!