Site opening ?

Am I right in thinking that the site opens on Thursday morning to those without a Settlers Pass ?

When all of us setllers settle back smugly with a coffee and biscuits and watch you all scury round looking for a good pitch and arguing over the tent putting up

Can't make settlers this year so if you could bring us a cuppa and biscuit over whilst setting up that would be grand, one sugar please :)

Yeah, says on the website "Each summer you'll find us nesstled within the majestic Brecon Beacons, Wales, near a small town called Crickhowell. Doors open for The Settlement from Mon 12th August 10am and for the weekend from Thurs 15th August 10am."

As usual I'll be getting the first available train in the morning which should get me to the site for about 2:00 and I'll be the one simultaneously yawning and dancing up the front for the Pictish Trail that night. :)

Hopefully, no computer glitchEs this year so that people can get their wristband and enter at 10.  

As for me, I will be one of the smug looking Settlers relaxing after a Wednesday night of music, quizzing and comedy.  Will life get any better than that?

I am so jealous of you settlers! Not long to go now. Can’t wait to be back at the site! Vowed last year to go for an early morning walk up the mountain behind the Mountain Stage...wonder how long that would take?

I've managed to get the whole week off work this year so will be doing all of Settlers. I've done Settlers once before, in 2016, and enjoyed it more than the festival itself! Although that could have something to do with the change in the weather on the Friday.