Site Map?

Is there a site map available - have looking through website, but can't find anything!?

I'd normally expect there to be a link to a sitemap which could be submitted to webmaster tools for improved SEO, but this site doesn't seem to have one.

Has the site/capacity grown a lot since i were last there (2010)? ALSO......i assume there will still be a shop, right? I need tea in the morning. And and self respecting tea lover needs fresh milk.....

Longlife UHT milk from Waitrose is nearly as good, I'm too lazy to walk anywhere before 2 cups of tea

Not fresh, but frozen.  On 3/4 night camps I normally take 2 litres of milk frozen in a cool bag with a pint extra for the first morning.  Keeps everything cool and slowly melts, still giving cold milk for cereal on Sunday morning last year.

I did wonder...!

OK, direct comparison of the two music line-ups this year. Moz.

GM by a country mile, no? (accepting we're comparing apple and oranges, in terms of the whole festival line-ups)


Green man is much better. BUT......latitude isnt just about the tunes, is it? And, this year, we say some AMAZING comedy things. SO.........


Course, i would argue that EOTR is a better line up (music wisE) than GM........Even if Wye Oak HAS cancelled.....

And you would be entirely wrong in that argument, moz. And I say that with comprehensive arrogance and disregard for anyone else's opinion!

EOTR is OK this year, but (for me, obviously) not stellar. But then I can't bloody stand The Flaming Lips! Not that I am giving any great importance to the headliners per se, just that their being so feted p*sses me off!


Is this site map up to date? Last year the lived in vehicle area was moved to the far end of the site, past the bus/taxi pick up point.

Think that's last year's map. Things worked so well last year (well that seemed to be the consensus) that I'd be surprised if there were anything more than minor changes. The Live In Vehicle area was by the bus stop, but the one shown on the map seems to be the Holiday (ie Settlers') live in area.

 Oh, and did the Snug Bar (in the nature and nurture section) actually exist last year? I had a look for it but it must have been so snug I couldn't see it.

Music wise, Latitude had the dullest line up ever for me, hence not going. Sure I'd have had a good time if I had but need at least a couple of things to get excited about that I'm not likely to see elsewhere. GM has almost too many to get excited about.

Totally agree, smithers. I've been to three Latitudes, including the fantabulous, Sígur Rós-containing 2008 edition, and had a great time at all of them. The line-up this year was really, really uninspired/iring. Child 1 (16y) enjoyed it, mind.


Ah Latitude 2008! The year of the infamous Sigur Ros/Mars Volta clash. It was surprising how many people were desparate to see both (myself included).

I ended up dipping out of Mars Volta after 20 minutes to catch the whole of Sigur Ros. I was pretty peeved as they were still playing the first song!

You think YOU had it tough!?  One of my (very) old all-time heroes, Pete Atkin, was playing in the literature tent at the same time so I had to allocate my time across 3 stages.  Could hardly say I felt cheated, mind, it was a great 90 minutes or so.

There's a seperate live-in vehicle area for holiday campers so that they're all together with the tent holiday campers - this is the one shown on the map. The main live-in area is not shown - wouldn't do to have the riff raff wandering over to peer through the fence now would it?

I did find the snug bar last year but it was empty and soulless, so I moved swiftly on.


Pardon my ignorance but where are you getting the news about Wye Oak's cancellation?  And who are the others, apart from Kozelek, I saw some mention of there being 6 in total?!?