Shindig magazine

And for my third and final new post of the morning . . . .

If you're looking for an interesting alternative to the usual monthly music mags with their increasingly tedious retreads of the Stones, Beatles, Floyd etc, take a look at Shindig magazine (

This is a really eclectic magazine, steeped in the past, largely relatively obscure stuff but also in tune with the present. I've bought loads of new and old stuff having read about it here first.

As an example, the latest issue has the late and very great Judee Sill on the cover (if you are not familar with her work, check out The Kiss on youtube and melt). The features include Tim Buckley, Amon Duul II, The Vapors, the ill-fated Yorkshire Folk, Blues and Jazz Festival of 1970, a piece on the excellent Ghost Box label and a round-up of psychedelic soundtracks from Italian murder mysteries from the late 60's to the 80s. In the reissue reviews there's everything from Roberta Flack to Cilla Black! Included in the new album reviews are a new discovery for me - Bananagun, an Aussie Afrobeat/Tropicala-influenced band.

I'm not getting paid by the editors but I guess like a lot of small publications they need support now more than ever and I reckon anyone who loves the range of music Green Man offfers will enjoy getting the mag every month.

Oh and thay absolutely love Mapache mr ray.

peace and love people, peace and love xxx

Been buying it ond off for a couple of years now. Will make an effort to make it a regular purchase.

I've picked up the odd issue over the years although not for a while, will have to look again. Mapache were on the online festival they did a while back