Shift allocation for crew

Have all the volunteer stewards been allocated their shifts now or is everyone still waiting to find out? it may be because I was a late applicant but I thought I'd know with a week to go. Is this the way it usually works? Are we all in the same boat?

I haven't heard anything yet either. My application will prob count as late too as they lost it in the system. It's getting close isn't it? I thought I would leave it till Monday then email.

have you been receiving the general emails from Paddy since you applied? They have reassured me that I am on the crew list. And he has now responded to my queries - apparently i won't find out my shift allocation until I arrive. As a first timer and a late applicant, I am expecting to get the shifts that no-one else wants, but I like a challenge!


Thanks. I only had one email at the beginning acknowledging they had misplaced my application but saying yes . I have not heard a time that we should be there - presumably there will be a clear sign for which entrance we go in. Do you know a time?

I applied months ago and still havent fgot any info about shifts, alls i know is that you have to be on site before 5.