I have a friend coming to GM from Shetland which, for one reason or another has turned complicated and therefore expensive. In effect she will be travelling from and to Aberdeen. She can leave any time after the ferry arrives (0700) and needs to be back to get the ferry on the Monday at 1900 (so 1800 in effect). It is do-able on the train, but it is very expensive (300 rtn). It is probably going to mean a flight and a train.

A long shot, but is anyone coming / going that way?


Have a look at

Fares aren't available for GM dates yet but a sample search on earlier dates gives the following option at £161.70 return (Thurs-Mon):

Outbound: 09:52 - 18:13 (8 Hours, 21 Minutes)
From Aberdeen To Abergavenny
Changing At Edinburgh Waverley And Crewe 

Return: 08:42 - 17:04 (8 Hours, 22 Minutes)
From Abergavenny To Aberdeen
Changing At Crewe And Edinburgh Haymarket

There are other time options just slightly more expensive.

If you book through the site there's a charge of 10% of the ticket price saving which in this case amounts to almost £30. You could search and book the journey legs separately to avoid this. It may just involve buying separate tickets between the interchange points, or may be more complicated.

Buying split tickets for any rail journey is fine provided the train actually calls at the station where you split the journey. All the details are on the site.


I once got fired from a job with national rail enquiries for talking about splits too much in training! I was poking around looking at that and thinking I could get it down to that sort of price, but I did not know about that website, so thanks! 


We'll have room in our van to offer a lift to/from south Manchester if its cheaper/easy to travel from Aberdeen to, say, Stockport on the train....