Settlers thread

That's me on my way (well in 15 minutes).

Thought I'd start a thread for settlers to share happenings in one place. So any recommendations, meeting plans etc here. Also questions from non-settlers requiring "on the ground" knowledge.

I'll be on site by about 3 or 4, and will see some of you up the front (in the mosh pit?) for the Gentle Good.

Might as well use this thread while I've got signal for a bit. Lovely to be on the site and to see quite a few friendly faces. Weather has been damp but it all started so dry (everything was brown on Monday) that it shouldn't make it a muddy one (unless it keeps going....)

Not too many obvious changes that I've noticed. Growler is £6/£6.50. The urinals are better quality than last year (hooray!). 

Hoping they've planned properly for the influx of more people on Wednesday- the settlement tent is gonna get very full if its raining. 

See you all in the mosh pit for Wesley Gonzalez first on tomorrow!