Settlers Question

Hi everyone

im earring to Greenman on my own this year as I couldn't persuade anyone to come on board despite the amazing line up. I'm planning on doing Settlers as I thought it might be good to arrive early. I'm not sure which day I would arrive. I'm going to get a new tent, nothing too big but tall enough for me to stand up in ( my creaking bones don't like crawling around anymore!). Can anyone advise if I arrived on Tuesday or Wednesday are there still plenty of good camping spots left in the settlers camp or does it get quite full on the Monday? I think my preference would be for Tuesday if I can but would welcome any feedback. Does the Settlers camp get really crowded on the Thursday when everyone arrives - I understand it becomes family camping. 

Last year I was in general camping with 5 friends, we arrived early Thursday afternoon and there weren't many spaces left and everyone was camped right on top of each other all around us - it was absolutely fine and everyone was lovely and I am a seasoned festival goer. I just wondered if the settlers area had a bit more space, never got round to checking it out last year. I've bought a blue car park pass so I think Settlers/ family camping makes perfect sense for me.

look forward to any feedback

many thanks


No problem whatsoever finding space before Thursday, don't worry.

And one of the joys of the settlement is sitting outside your tent with a bacon butty and coffee watching everyone else arrive and scrabble a round for a pitch.

Smug fecker ain't I? 

thanks Krasnyi that's good to know. Looking forward to not hunting for camping space for once!