Settlers Pass - additional advice please

Hi - I am having an extended summer break from work this year but my wife and son are both working through until Wednesday night.  I am now thinking of upgrading my ticket to a Settlers pass and coming down on the Monday by myself - setting up the two tents and they will join me on Thursday nice and relaxed with no work to do!  The question I have is - could they join me where I camp when they arrive  - or is the Settlers part seperate from the general camping area?   Also, I assume I can pay the extra just for myself on the gate?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi Mike, 

I think you'll be fine just paying the upgrade on the gate on Monday, it certainly wasn't a problem last year. You might want to scan older threads on the forum for confirmation.

Settlers becomes part of general family camping when the festival starts on Thursday so if you pitched the two tents when you arrive your family will be able to join you when they arrive on Thursday.

Come and seek out forum folk on the Monday evening.


Hi Elizabeth - I have decided to come down on the Monday - thanks for the advice.  I am just hoping that the Greenman sprit prevails with folk and someone can spare me 10 minutes to help me with our stupidly high tent!  It was a struggle with two of us doing it this year in the really nasty Glastonbury rain.

Look out for us Mike, we have a crappy old gazebo with fairy lights and a very tall mate who looks like jesus with a green beard and a few feral kids.

I look nothing like my avatar incidentally.

We'll give you a hand if you need one.

Hi - I will do thanks.  We have a Vango 5 person blue teepee style tent - which people at Glastobury always seem to use as a landmark to get back to their tents late at night after a few too many.  See you next week all things being equal.

Mike, confirmation on the 'Sold Out' thread posted today by Walter that you can turn up on Monday and upgrade to a Settlers ticket at the gate for an additional £45.

Hi Elizabeth - I saw that thanks and I bought a car park pass on Saturday as my wife will be using my original orange pass on Thursday.  

Looking forward to it now - leaving York around 6.00, I would imagine being on site around midday. See you all then.

We are aiming to get there on Monday, and I'm hgappy to help people pitch tents if they need a hand.  Howeverm, as a semi-profesional camper expect quiet tutting of disapproval if I see you trying to put in metal pegs with a mallet :D

Thanks for the offer of help - it's just the erection of the two main steel poles that are very awkward solo - once they are secured the rest is a piece of cake.  Any help will be rewarded with a nice can of IPA.

Btw - what's a mallet?  

should we use our bare hands asks a seasoned camper

if the ground is as hard there as in our local park (where it's getting increasingly hard to get the stumps in for cricket practice) I'm using a mallet, tutting or no

any other settlers up for some cricket or football? For 10 year-old sports mad son more than me.

Our youngsters would be up for any sport, including the odd shaped ball sport.

did you see that GM were asking if any settlers were up for a canoe ride down the river?

Definitely up for a bit of cricket one afternoon. Had a steroid injection in my foot this morning to get rid of the plantar fasciitis I've had since the end of April (last time I try to get fit from running!) so I should be fine for a spot of spin bowling!


need to persuade son he can't bring his lovely new 'proper' bat

yes saw the post about canoeing, after last week's escapades in/on/under the Lakes I'd be up for that too depending on cost

What's all this heresy about sports / watersports?

It's a music festival ... all you should be concerned about is which music playing equipment / headphones to bring, and what wonderfulness Toby Hay will bring to the Settler's stage.

Of course you can drive in your metal pegs with a mallet. It had better be a wooden one though and not one of those stupid rubber headed things.

Remember also to count the pegs you use when pitching to make sure you remove them all at the end - they hurt animals when left behind (That's the only serious point, the rest is just jealousy)

Never said I was up for sports Peridot, just volounteered my kids.

No, my time will be employed sitting in the sun, scrutinising the programme, eating, drinking and admiring the scenery.

No time for sports I'm afraid.

I have rubber-headed mallets, gulp.

I will most certainly participate in any cricket or football, bowling my demon away swingers in the former and kicking small children in the latter.

watersports? Oo-er missus.

With all this supposed misunderstanding of 'watersports' and 'swingers' I'm beginning to wonder about what actually goes on in the Settler's encampment.


We won't have mallets as we will be arriving with two small rucksacks and a guitar, which obviously takes priority over actual camping equipment ;) So if the weather forecast pans out and the ground is hard as a rock, I'll be the one wandering round the campsite in search of someone with a mallet. What's wrong with those metal and rubber ones???

I'll happily join in with some cricket, once I have drunk enough to be able to blame my appalling lack of skill on alcohol :) 

I've not heard anything about the canoeing - where did you see the post? 

According to his Twitter account the very brilliant Gareth Bonello aka The Gentle Good is playing the Settlers Stage. 

Didn't see him listed. The perfect festival just got better!

Hi, that would be great. We should be arriving lunchtime or early afternoon, how will we find you? Are you from Moseley or am I confusing you with someone else?

That's me! We're leaving first thing so will be there when you arrive. I believe you're already friends with Rachel on Facebook so I'll get her to message you one of our mobile numbers and you can text or call us when you get there. 

There's ours too Kras, an additional set of wheels should you wish to resort to child labour.

Its a bit scruffy but it does the job.

Mrs P. has just said that she might find it easier to just book a cheap package holiday in the sun for a week next year rather than sort out activities to keep her amused while I and Miss P are at GM.

I did the right thing and said "That's a good idea ... I'm sure you'd really enjoy that more my darling"

Inside, I was jumping up and down with excitement and screaming "I'm doing Settlers next year"

I just need to keep that (great) idea of hers alive now :)