Settlers. Campervan

Forgive me cos a) I'm sure this has been done before and b) its a question for 2020.

How does it work with Settlers if you have a van? Apart from this year's non-appearance I am a campervan punter but we've never done Settlers.

By way of compensation for our 2019 debacle, we may have to remedy that next year. 

How does it play out? Do you move on Thurs morning? Or am i being thick?

Thanks. And I hope it stays dry for you next month. Bastards. 

Settlers with campervans have their own area so you stay in the same place for the whole week. The tickets always sell out in the earlybird sale so you have to be super quick/very lucky to grab one. 

so, is it like regular tickets - you buy settlers tickets and also buy a separate ’settlers canpervan‘ ticket? Or do you buy settlers ticket and a ‘normal’ canpervsn pass? 

I know I’m a bit early but when those early bird tickets go live I’m determined to know exactly what I’m looking for....


hope you stay dry


and that it is massively drier next year