Just seen the line-up for Settlers & would really like to go for the whole week! Does anyone know if it’s possible to upgrade to Settlers but stay off site? We’ve got a camper van ticket for the weekend - for the 1st time - and I know that the Settlers Campervan tickets are sold out. Thinking of maybe staying at a local campsite Monday - Thursday & going to Settlers in the evening! 

Settlers ticket gets you a wristband which allows you onsite to camp and enjoy the activities plus entertainment.  You can also come and go as you like so guess no reason why you couldnt stay off site if you had to.  would just be a shame that you have to travel a short distance and not be able to have a drink etc.

do not think there is any time limit on when you can leave the site at night but you might want to double check with the gm admin team before committing to buy an upgrade.

Thanks Mikey. Good advice to double check with admin team! Not sure that we want the hassle of putting our tent up on Monday then take it down on Thursday when we move to the Campervan field! If we stayed off site we’d walk in & book a taxi back. Quite fancy the line-up in Settlers.

Sounds a good plan.  

Line up was good last year (arranged by Clwb Ifor Bach) and this year looks equally impressive.  6 music acts per evening, with the addition of the traditional quiz night and comedy late into the Wednesday night.  

We too have decided to look into doing Settlers this year. We have stayed off site for the main event for the past 4years and looking to do the same again this year. If anyone can clarify which entrance settlers use to gain access this would be helpful as we need to know whether to buy a car park ticket. Past experience using Orange Car park during festival was an logistical nightmare. 

You'll need a Settlers car parking pass. It's the only one that will get you onsite before Thursday. 

Settlers and Blue are the same car park