Settler Tickets. Do they sell out quickly?

Hello. I put this in another htread, but no one answered. So....i though Id have a go

After an absence of 4 years, we are to return to the foot of the mountain, for lovely times. :) We are also more than likely going for settler tickets. I have 2 questions about these things.

Firstly, assuming the line up isnt dog crap and it will sell out, how quick do these tick tocks take to sell out?Am i gonna have to save a lot of coin/sell our wares on ebay now for when the tickets are on sale on the 29th? Or can I/we leave it a few more months before spending our monies on these?

Secondly, we will be staying for the week with our 3 year old daughter. Is this madness? I mean....she has already been to Latitude twice and EOTR once. And copes VERY well camping for a weekend. But....a whole week? Is there much to do on site for her, or is it a case of hunting a locale establishment for kid fun?

Thanks guys

As far as I know Moz you can upgrade to Settlers on the gate when you arrive,  don't think there's a limit on them. Tickets for the Festival usually sell out around May I think.

Although never been with kids that age myself there are lots there at Settlers and plenty to do I would have thought. Sounds like you are seasoned Festival campers so go for it.

Until last year, i believe that you could pay to upgrade for settlers on the gate.  However, I think settlers has got more popular and am sure they sold out a month or so before the festival.  have you seen the posts regarding settlers And motor homes? looks they have sold out just on early birds so might be an indication of how popular the settlers has become.

last year was my first for settlers and thought was great*.  Looks Like plenty for kids but think most were happy left to make their own fun, if you and your daughter are ok making new friends, sure you will be happy for the whole week.  Remember you can also easily go off site to explore.  

*l would point out that 2018 was exceptional weather so yet to experience a typical settlers week with mix of both wet and dry weather.

thanks for the info. That other thread looks as if they are only talking about live in vehicle settler passes. So, i THINK, us who are wanting to camp for a week (A BLOODY WEEK?!?!? IN THE METEOROLOGICAL ELEMENTS OF WALES?!?!? ARE WE MAD?!?!) will be fine, ticket wise.

As for making friends......well.....not to get into it too much......but, my daughter is a little delayed due to complications. At this precise moment, she cant even walk. However, she is SO close to doing so. And her concoction of meds means she has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months. So.....yeah. She shares things with other wee bairns so, if she 'developes' as much as she has recently, Im sure she will be making friends with the rest of them. :)

Any tips for things to do around the area. Of course, we will be googling nearer the time. But....if there is any 'must do' things, I can add them to a list. 



last year there was a cycle hire on site, including an option for child carriers.  Sounds like would be right up your street.

just to make it clear (worried might have given misleading information) settlers tickets for camping sold out before the weekend last year, so if you are planning on turning up on the Monday morning, you will probably need to be buying your ticket well in advance.

I was lucky and managed to get an Earlybird Settlers motorhome pass but none of my friends did despite being straight on it when the Earlybirds went out. It's all a bit of a lottery! They also failed this morning to get Motorhome tickets for the festival. What's going on? It's never been this bad. Good for the festival - bad for us. Could more space be freed up for Motorhomes perhaps? 

I really struggled this year - didn't manage to get a settlers motorhome ticket - even though I was on very early the first day.  For some reason I couldn't seem to check out.   Very disappointing, as we've been going for years with all our family!  Also one of us is getting on a bit and could do without the extra trail!   I did get an ordinary motorhome ticket - so if anybody finds that they can't make the whole week - please could we do a deal?  cheers! 

Moz, on the settler option for your 3 year old I'd say don't hesitate.  I did it last year for first time with my 4 year old and can't praise it enough.  The time flies by.  There are plenty of activities on site throughout the week and the local area has any amount of options for days out.  Bikes and child carrier are recommended for exploring.  Its such a brilliant way of easing yourself into the festival and Thursday comes along all too quickly to my mind!  My boy absolutely loved it and made so many friends.  As do us big kids - you forge friendships with people you end up seeing repeatedly throughout the weekend when it all really gets going.  Ok, last year was blessed with dry weather which helped enormously but I'd still encourage you to go for it.

Thanks Pedro (and ALL the comments from everyone.)

As the line up ISNT 'dog crap' (it is the complete opposite of that!!! SURELY best line up so far this year?!?), we have gone and got ourselves settler passes (no motorhome for us....). Bring on the rain! :)

You'll not regret!  [He says, hoping the heavens don't open for seven days straight and Dunkirk spirit is required!]

Hadn't previously read about the challenges your daughter has faced, but I'd say probably even more reason to embrace it.  My son was painfully shy until recently and can definitely point to last years GM as a bit of a breakthrough.  The benefit he got from a week playing/exploring/dancing outdoors with children of all ages...  I'd be exaggerating to say he came back a different child, but he certainly grew in confidence a lot during that time and it's stayed with him.

Thanks, man. She's coming along leaps & bounds. So, Im sure she will love it. As long as the rain isnt pemanent & relentless. 
Talking of which......are Gazebo's allowed? Please note, we are NOT usually gazebo people. However.....what with the potential for a weeks worth of rain, a nice piece of guaranteed dry ground would be helpful. I tried to find any info on the website, to no avail. So......are they allowed? And, if so, is there a maximum size allowable? Also......I assume that the car park isnt, like, near orange and closer to the 'mythical' Blue car park?!?



Hi Moz
In answer to your first question, there isn't an explicit No Gazebos rule at Green Man, as far as I know, and you do see them everywhere. However, one reason blue car park tickets are so sought after is that it is much closer to family and accessible camping. The orange car park is quite a trek to family camping with a notorious hill that can get muddy. There is camping closer, and there's nothing to say you can't camp in general camping.
Anyway, you'll have a great weekend.

Gazebos are a must for settlers - somewhere to ghet away from the sun

And all settlers car parking is in the blue car park