Settler car park questions.



Once again, I have an annoying question. This concerns our car parking ticket. See, we have a ticket for the mythical Blue parking. But...... originally we were going to have our friend travel with us. But, now, she is In the throws of a new relationship. So, she is seeing said boy (in Bridgend, funnily enough) and gonna meet us on the Monday. However, she obviously doesn't have a ticket for the mythical Blue car park.... it possible to get her into Blue? Maybe, buy a ticket on the Monday? She has a settlers ticket, just not the car park ticket. If not....will Orange car park even be open on Monday?


Any help etc. Thanks. X

Er....I THINK it's the settler's car park ticket we have. I'd have to check when I'm home from work. What is the difference, exactly?


And thanks for the info for my friend. That sounds great. :)

I think if you have a Blue parking ticket you can pay the extra 'Settlers' parking cost and enter from Monday. The Car Park info states that Orange doesn't open until Thursday but I'm sure I've seen reference to Orange being used for Settlers when the pre-booked settlers tickets were still on sale.