Sense making of directions to Orange Car Park

Hi for a 2nd year in a row we missed out on blue car park tickets. We managed to go round in circles last year trying to get to the orange car park so this year trying to be organised and follow the direction on google maps. Anyone else struggling to make sense of them? tips appreciated. 


From the South & East / A40:

Coming from the East along the A40, just before you get to Abergavenny take the 2nd Exit off the roundabout onto A465 towards Merthyr Tydfil. CHECK

After approx 3 miles take the 2nd exit off the roundabout continuing on the A465. After approx 4.5 miles, turn right at the roundabout continuing on the A465. O-Kayyy but this is taking you to South East of Crickhowell but ill go with it. 

After approx 1.5 miles take a left sign posted Llangynidr, at the top of the slip road take a right. Llangynidr is to the right of you following this road. turning left just takes you further south of the site! If it means 'right'

Continue for approx 6 miles over the mountains, taking a right at the bottom. After approx 1 mile carry on over the hump­back bridge. The Orange Gate is approx 0.5 miles on your left

I can see a windy narrow looking road called B4560 that goes through the sticks and goes through Llangynidr  bringing you out on the A40 which I assume is where the orange car park entrance is? 


That's the way the orange car park directions have always sent me (since 2008).  I've always assumed that it was to stop all the traffic using the same roads and clogging up Crickhowell and so they ask people to approach from both directions.

Would it make more sense if it said:

After approx 1.5 miles take a left sign posted Llangynidr. At the top of the slip road take a right.

You can see the first few cars in the orange car park on the Google Maps satellite image, to the west of the festival site.

The entrance to the Orange Car Park is not on the A40.  The A40 is to the north of the river, the Orange Car Park to the south.  You should see signs for the festival on the Head of the Valleys road (A465) to direct you.

Good point BITF.

Don't go through Llangynidr - at the bottom of the mountain on the B4560 you'll see a t junction - turn right here (onto Cyffredyn Lane) and carry on, over a humpback bridge and the Orange Car Park will be on the left.

Spot on thanks! can I just check this is right 

go all the way through the hillside on the B4560 till you come to a T junction to Cyffredyn Lane. turning left takes you into Langynidr. Dont do that, turn right onto Cyffredyn Lane towards Crickhowell (on Google maps the sign at T says Crickhowell 4 miles) keep going down that road until you come to quite a sharp bend bridge where it crosses the Usk. Keep going for a bit and assume the Orange site is just down from there? 

Exactly. It's the canal you cross rather than the Usk, but that's spot on.

The views are stunning once you turn off the Head of the Valleys Rd. That said, I’ll be happy to sacrifice them for a fraction of the walk to the campsite 

Used to love the views driving the long way round to get to Orange Car park.  Different story on a Monday morning when you realise the extra time it puts on your return journey.

just wanting to ask, do the Police still flag down the cars in a lay-by just before the orange car park entrance?


are you bringing a shed load of weed?

asking for a friend...

They're always in that lay-by when I've been in the Orange Car Park.

Never been pulled over though!

Have to say there never seems to be that much obvious weed consumption at Green Man. Certainly not like it was at Glastonbury in the 80s, or Knebworth and Blackbushe in the 70s. Sign of the times I guess. I’m considerably more interested in the selection of beers and ciders available these days. 

That's true. You'll smell more weed on Kings Heath high street than at Glanusk. 

Used to be pretty much compulsory at Womad.

At 22 I would smoke every day. By 32 it was  at weekends. by 42 only on holidays and parties and the like. Now ten years on its pretty much only one weekend of the year. Next weekend. Bring it on.

a la recherche de temps perdu and all that....

with the sniffer spaniels, I hope. 

‘im not doin no one no harm guv’