Ryley Walker

Looking forward to seeing Ryley Walker. Listened to his new album Primrose Green last night. Already one of my favourite records of the last few years.

I'm loving it too. Picked up on him following ray-rad's recommendation and he's certainly on my must see list.

Do you think it will be Walled Garden? I'm hoping so.

Add me to the "lovin Ryley" list! I'm hearing Bert Jansch, John Martyn and Ireland's own Paul O'Reilly. 

Great stuff! A Walled Garden slot would indeed be sweet! 

Yeah - he's brilliant isn't he?

There's a pretty good live-in-session set on youtube he did for a US radio station. I ca't access youtube just at the moment but I think it's something like KEXP. Definitely worth a watch.


I like it too but ther's a thin line between homage and being ever so slightly derivative isn't there - or am I being picky? Hey it sounds good to me too!!

i hear you

but he gets away with it because he mixes his influences so well, i think

I hear a lot in the music, CSNY, It's A Beautiful Day, little bit of Raga style. The late John Renbourn rated him, that in itself speaks volumes.

Seriously considering baling out of the trip to Bristol to see Sharon Van Etten to go see Ryley Walker in Cardiff instead, just in case of some unbearable clash at Green Man. Much as I love SVE, I have seen her several times already

Off to see him on Wednesday in Coventry. Will be interesting to see if he can reproduce the lushness on the new album presuming he's playing solo.

Only a handful of tickets left for his Coventry gig (at the incredibly low price of £6!). Just got mine. I'll be the one with my head on one side having just gone (temporarily, hopefully) stone deaf in one ear.

RW excellent last night  - first time I've been to the Coal Vaults, a really nice, small and intimate venue. And my ear cleared temporarily! Had a quick chat with him about Green Man. He says he's playing on 'one of the smaller stages' so I'm guessing Walled Garden and he's bringing a band. He was solo last night and boy can he play. Lovely covers of John Martyn's 'Over the Hill' and Tim Hardin's 'If I Were a Carpenter'. 

Nice review Mr Wakestock, and good to see you on Tuesday.

I don't like the downstars bar in Clwb, but that performance made the venue irrelevant.

Certainly a 'must-see' in the Walled Garden.



very jealous here

we're away from home - so had to miss ryley's london show

but that record is on constant repeat (alternating with the excellent jessica pratt record - she'd be a marvellous GM addition...)

Agree Jessica Pratt, although I struggle with that weird speed change on side 2.... still think the record player has bust... gets me everytime


yes - exactly the same reaction here from me and mrs ray every time!

Just listening to the link....oh my goodness, he's so brilliant.

Also, looking at the comments below the video, it's probably best not to heckle.

You need more must-sees. Can I suggest Wave Pictures, SLUG, the Drink, Jane Weaver, Rozi Plain and surely Sweet Babs and Johnny Pictish?!

Thanks guys, of course there are others I'd like to see, you've mentioned most of them above.

I suppose after Bill Callahan, Samantha Crain, William Tyler and SKM last year, I feel a little underwhelmed, but that's because I haven't done enough research yet.

Johnny Pictish and Sweet Babs obviously - when I saw them last December in Manchester they did a very affecting version of 'Let's Mosh' in the style of Frank Sidebottom.

Wow ray, that's an amazing performance.

I am officially beside myself with excitement.

I can build my whole festival around Ryley Walker now.

I never got to see Tim Buckley play live.  I went down to Knebworth, primarily to see him in what turned out to be his last British show but managed to get meself nicked on the way and was in court while he was playing!

I think this is as close as I am ever going to get.

Oh my giddy aunt!

I was going to give the Clwb gig a miss on the basis that I'd probably see him at EOTR as well as GM, but having watched that YouTube vid I think I might just be greedy and go for three helpings.



but folks usually play the RT tent the same day as their main set

Listening to his music and hearing him talk, I think the perfect place would be the Far Out tent. To be honest, over the years some of the best stuff that I've heard has been in there - I'd be happy with that. Plus, I think he's got enough of a following now to justify it.