Rough Trade tent afterhours

Last year on the Saturday (I think) night we were walking back to our tents from Far Out/Walled Garden. The Rough Trade tent was still open and playing some tunes so we thought we'd have a browse of the stock and a chat with the people within

To cut a long story short, one of the greatest nights ever followed as an impeccably-tasted young man stuck on banging party tune after banging party tune, one of the Rough Trade bods acting as compere whipped up the atmosphere, and the tent filled up with revellers at a similarly loose-end who joined the party with great enthusiasm. It was shambolic madcap fun

My greatest, perhaps only, moment of sadness this weekend was walking past on the Saturday night to find nothing similar happening, after hoping it was an annual tradition I had just missed prior to 2017

Did anyone else experience this at some point in the past? Was it a one-off? Did something similar happen but on a different night? I need answers