Rough Trade

I see from the testicles site someone’s picked up on a tweet from Rough Trade back in June confirming they won’t be at Green Man this year. Anyone else find this surprising?

First thought is that'll save me a few quid as I've made far too many less than sober purchases from that tent. 

But also enjoyed some fantastic extra session performances there too so disappointed and surprised that it's no longer a feature of the festival. 

fuck - i hope that's not true

though it may do away with some difficult decisions about forgoeing someone's full set to see someone else's RT set...

someone just posted up the map on the testicles

RT replaced by 'green man records'

so very much hoping that the live sets will happen there as they have at RT in previous years

With risk of poking a hornet's nest:

Always thought that RT tent was missing a trick and I'm not hugely disappointed to hear there's something different this year. If there's a half decent band on there's space for about 100 people at most to get vaguely within viewing distance if they're tall enough. Would much prefer a bigger tent with a mini stage in one corner, tables for artists' merch and maybe incorporate the excellent poster tent round the corner. Bit of a market feel, and there's probably just about space for it.

Green Man doing their own thing there is great, but if they weren't, I'd still be wondering why RT run it (and presumably make a hell of a lot of money) when the legendary local store is Spillers. As much as my weekly trips to Rough Trade when I lived in West London played a MASSIVE role helping me discover so much great music, it's a bit weird that a festival that otherwise does so much to back the Welsh economy should give a high profile contract to a company that have virtually nothing to do with Wales.

i think that's a reasonable point

i go to several of the live shows that RT put on in their east london store every year - and they're great

but i wouldn't otherwise shop there

in terms of making the RT sets at GM into a bigger concern, i'm conflicted

on one hand, absolutely - and it makes me think fondly of the old GM courtyard / pub stage - where i saw great sets from the likes of slow club (with rebecca playing a chair - something she probably won't be doing at her likely dull self esteem set this year), victoria williams and little wings

on the other, the fact that the RT tent is tiny and you can't get many inside makes it absolutely magical when you DO manage to get in there in time to be one of the few - ryley walker and phosphorescent being two particular highlights of that experience