Rocking at the GM


Liked that youtube link Krasnyi.

They'll be a great antidote to that terrible tweeness that's on the Main Stage before them (TFS)


Thanks Guys,

Great info and much appreciated your help in pointing me in the right direction.

So to summarise my must see list to date:


tweak bird (loved the link Lucy!)

holy fuck

she keeps bees

Cave Singers (Sound great, thanks Krasnyi)

Any more to add to the list? 


Krasnyi ... you'll have Tomcat offering his/her ticket for sale if you keep that up!

Tomcat ... I'm afraid there's been an excessive influx of twee popiness this year, which some misguided souls actually seem to like.

There's not a lot more that I'm aware of to add to your list. The Burns Unit crank it up a bit more than KC's usual stuff - give them a listen, but we're struggling at this point.

I'm hoping that Tweak Bird deliver the goods as I'll certainly be ready for some loudness by Sunday afternoon.


 15 comments before this and no-ones mentioned EITS...   as far as rockin out goes these guys do.  Rock Out.  And Holy Fuck too.

yeah Holy fuck without doubt. What an experience live. Im starting to think Explosions will be great live (ive always thought of them as a poor Godspeed) but headlline show on what looks promising to be a starry night. wow.

Yes, same experience with Godspeed. It seemed like nearly as loud as My Bloody Valentine..

Although GYBE are also annoying with their political stuff, EITS are not.

Hoping for darkening twilight, low cloud and at a push some light drizzle for Explosions.  am sure they'll be getting all the more praise post GM after they blow some tympanic membranes come Friday.

 looking at most of the forecasts i may be disappointed with the weather, whats that big yellow thing anyway?

My bloody valentine in glasgow few years back, my hearing never the same again. i enjoyed tho.

Really hope Explosions pull it out of the bag. They could be one of the few hopes for the 'rocking' experience. excitement is growing every minute for this weekend.

That's 'rocking' is it?

Methinks the singers jeans are a bit tight, and the keyboard tinkles in a slightly irritating fashion. 


I really wish I hadn't watched that video of Wuthering Heights. My feelings for TFS have moved from mild dislike to absolute loathing. 


its such a difficult choice mind, ive only just discovered the cave singers, and ive seen y niwl sooo many times, but if i go see cave singers i'll feel like a traitor. My head is spinning!!! so after lots of pondering im going for y niwl, because smaller stage = better gig.

Great suggestions, thanks.  Now really looking forward to seeing all of these these especially YNirl and Tweak birds.  Might give TFS a miss though, Wuthering Heights didn't do it at all for me.  Poor man, he sounded in pain to me.

Holy Fuck will definately rock - Tweak Bird hopefully won't disappoint - Cave singers will for that one song (though the rest will be lovely).


In the comedy tent Tony Law will rock!

The Tweak birds album has really grown on me-looking forward to sunday evening-rocking with tweak bird,the beautiful sounds of the antlers and the crazy f##ked up trippyness of the Suuns.

good man blackpumpkinhead. i felt the same with Tweak Bird, takes some listening but worth it in the end. Krasnyi, im sure you'll be having a sneaky watch come sunday evening