I believe Black Pumpkinhead has attended, but has anyone else been to Rockaway Beach?

I've just taken the plunge and booked tickets and was wondering about peoples experience of the festival.

Given that I've also already got tickets for this, I'd also be interested in any answers.  Can't say I'm at all thrilled by the latest small line-up announcement, but previous years have looked okay.

Yes, i kind of booked on the strength of the previous years and also the bargain price  of £82 each for four of us in an apartment, but i am enjoying Big Joanie, Juice Menace and the fanatastic Hamish Hawk from the latest annoucements .

We have been to most of them and always have a great time,we took our daughter and son in law this year and they booked for next year as soon as tickets went on sale.There is only the smaller room in the afternoons and the larger venue opens about 6ish and goes on until 3ish with djs.Plenty of eating places at reasonable prices but the ale choices are limited with only Sharpes Atlantic being of the non smooth types but the security allow you to enter with a plastic pint of beer so we fill up in our room a couple of times a day.We stay in the onsite hotel which has a fridge in the rooms,comfy beds and balcony.

                 There is a quiz,cinema,interviews and vinyl stalls and an excellent dj room playing a good variety of music with an end of festival party which is always good fun.The sound quality is excellent and i'm at an age where i appreciate being able to sit and watch bands and a hotel room at night.

   We only see Joseph from the forum but bump into others we know from Green Man.January is not the best of months and its good to have this festival to attend which always has an interesting mix of bands.Be good to see a few of you there.