The River - swimming or paddling?

Hello! Getting very excited about Green man next week! We haven't been before and I have a few questions about the river next to the site.

Is it deep enough and safe to swim in? 

Is it possible to paddle anywhere or cross it?

Can you walk from the site along the south side of the river into Crickhowell or must you go to the bridge and cross to the north side to walk to Crickhowell? 

Thank you! :)

You need to cross the stone bridge on the site to walk along the Usk into Crickhowell... takes 40 mins or so.

Our kids have paddled and swam in the river near the Bridge pub in the village, I suppose depth depends on the water level of the river and how much rain has fallen.

There are plenty of shingle 'beaches' along the river where you can paddle easily.

There are however signs along the river advising no swimming.

if you swim in it within the site 

there’s a decent bit near the gatehouse and bridge behind the bell tents (tangerine?) but you can’t swim there