RIP richie havens

mrs rad and i had our first date at one of his shows

then got to work with him on a project a few years ago

one of the many that never come to fruition

but still what a privilege to spend some time with one of the happiest, most humble, yet most charismatic men you'll ever meet

we've often talked of him as someone who'd be perfect for GM

especially in the days when a classic act would headline the friday night

now that'll never happen

there's a lump in our throats here today at rad towers

happy trails, richie...

Some nice memories there ray_rad.

Pity an appearance at Green Man couldn't have been added to them.

I never had the pleasure of seeing him live. I've also realised that I've overlooked his autobiography, so just ordered a copy. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Rest in peace big man.

He was the main reason I went to the Isle of Wight 1970 as a 16 year old kid. When Richie Havens sang your song you knew you'd arrived. Something about his voice made you feel like you were his friend. Quite simply, one of the best singers that I've ever heard and that battered Guild acoustic guitar will remain long in the memory.

Saw Richie at the short-lived Suffolk and Goode festival in the late 90s. As he sang "Freedom" I swear I saw steam rise from the top of his head like battering that old acoustic of his was just generating too much power for him to contain.

And what a voice!

I was fortunate enough to meet him once when he played a venue i used to run. He was a total gentleman an one of the sweetest people I have ever encountered.
He finished his set and then announced that he would be coming out to meet people, every single person stayed and he spent five minutes or more with them all.
I was so sad to hear of his passing.