Returning, Changes To Expect

So I was at each Green Man from 2006-2011, but since then events have conspired to keep me away (including a work thing which usually clashes). I've filled my years with End Of The Road, Deershed, and various others instead. 

However, this year I've no clashes and can come! So what's changed at Green Man in the intervening years? I imagine quite a bit.
(...and who are these Lizard Wizards?)


2011 was my first year Rog. No major changes to layout, Cinedrome moved to other side. Walled Garden stage now at centre of rear wall of garden. Steps on slope in front of mountain stage. Far Out tent larger. All improvements I think. More crowded than then but not uncomfortably so. Glanusk still as gorgeous as ever.

I think the 2006 capacity was 6000 - 6500 but I saw it grow over the years that followed. A quick search suggests 2011 was 13,000. I can't quite imagine 20,000 people on site! Presume they've made it work though.

You definitily need those steps! I remember trying to climb that hill in a muddy year, in smooth-soled boots.

Not much has changed really. Well apart from the Coca-Cola corporate sponsorship obviously.

Oh and there may be an all-night disco that potentially could wreck your weekend.


I was refused admission to the Brexit stage. 


Something about a hard border. 

i've been every year since 2010 (I know, relative latecomer). Like the rest of civilisation, it's experienced growth (gotta have growth at all costs) but its not that much worse as a result. Just a larger quantity of holidaymakers and proportionately less dedicated devotees of whatever it was that infused GM from the earlier . Walled Garden layout is worse

not sure i agree about the walled garden

moving the bar to the back was a good idea

but not as good as moving that fucking chippie van that used to be next to the stage - and play banging techno through everyone's sets

cunts they were


Agreed. The changes in the Walled Garden have resulted in a far better space to listen to the music. As with all stages it does pay to get there early if it's someone you really wnat to get up close to.

Anyone mentioned beer yet? There is a beer festival included, 100 different beers anD ciders.  Beer in the courtyard cider in the walled garden.  Just make sure you do not get s...faced on the porters (high abv) on the Thursday afternoon or it might just ruin your friday morning a little bit.