Requests for 2021

Too early? Assume they won't be able to get everyone on this year's lineup back

According to The Quietus Bright Eyes are playing, enjoying his new stuff

Damaged Bug would be nice. Richard Dawson in any of his many guises of course


Like to see him bring Phoebe Bridgers with him, in fact any of boygenius would be great, or boygenius themselves would be even better.

I'm really enjoying Jonathan Wilson's new album.

And off the top of my head - from artists who have recently relased stuff: BC Camplight, Jack Sharp (ex Wolf People), Lavinia Blackwall, White Denim, Erland Cooper, Aoife Nessa Francs, Peggy Sue, Brigid Dawson, Mr Ben and the Bens, Jason Isbell, Dana Gavanski, Arbouretum, Sound of Yell, Honey Harper, Seazoo, Cornershop,Frazey Ford, Spinning Coin and for the 'heritage' slot - Matthews Southern Comfort

Thanks for that,Arboretum new release had passed me by.Trying to get into the new Dream Syndicate album but I think I might need drugs to appreciate.

New Shirley Collins album in July. I’d be happy to see her again. I assume they’ll still try and rebook some of those that couldn’t play this year, but who knows? Has End of the Road been cancelled yet?

Bill Callahan has a new album in September, time for him to return. Listening to new ep by Soccer 96, Alabaster Deplume on vocals, excellent stuff

Currently top of my not-seen / wanna-see wishlist are Rose City Band.  They'd be perfect for a mid-afternoon slot (hopefully bright warm sunshine) on the Mountain Stage.  Summerlong maybe my album of the year to date.

Bananagun! A new discovery for me courtesy of the great Shindig magazine. Aussie tropicala-psych-surf-pop. Wonderful. Another sunny mid afternoon slot on the main stage.

Has anyone else seenBright Eyes 'confirmed' for GM 2021, apart from Quietus magazine?  No mention on their webpage tour schedule but, if they are appearing it will be pretty hectic for them travelling between Germany and Czech Republic on adjacent days.  Ever the optimist but sadly cannot see it happening 

Think I passed on duff information there Mikey, still headlining EOTR. I'll write a letter of complaint to the Quietus

Me too, that was one of the best GM sets I've ever seen. I've been working my way through her back catalogue ever since. She was due to play the hare & Hounds in birmingham before all of this shit came about.


I was stood beside you Kras at the front barrier. I remember well our our simultaneous reactions approximately 1 line into her first song (Long Road back to You - I've just checked Ray's bootleg!) ... something along the lines of "Fuck what a voice". Was indeed a privilege to hear it live. 

Hadn't seen that but will check it out.

Went on to youtube yesterday to watch some of her GM set. Lasted about 30 seconds, felt too sad to watch any more.

In a similar vein, I can recommend Madison Cunningham and Katie Pruitt. Great singers and musicians.