Requests for 2020

Now the dust is settling on another Green Man, and a very fine one it was too, any thoughts on who we’d like to see next year? Truth is I have every faith in them to come up with the goods, and introduce me to some great new stuff as usual, but always good to see your suggestions too. 

I’ll get the ball rolling. 

Angel Olsen (love what I’ve heard from the forthcoming album. Next year’s SVE slot?)

Bon Iver

Portishead (maybe long overdue activity on the horizon?)

Sufjan Stevens

Beck (eventually he must play there, surely?)

Bat For Lashes


Kim Gordon

Fontaines DC

Nilifür Yanya (deserves a larger audience than she had this year)

Grinderman (NC has recently suggested there might be more to come, and maybe more realistic than getting Bad Seeds?)

Sleater Kinney

Richard Dawson

Courtney Barnett


Jen Cloher

Sunn O)))

Patti Smith (please bring her back, on the Mountain Stage this time)

so good in london last night

the voice on that woman!

loving these stripped back shows too - just natasha and laura groves, both on keys

cracking cover of kate bush's 'this woman's work'

not to mention don henley's 'boys of summer' and cyndi lauper's 'i drove all night'!

surely due a slot at GM 2020

headline in the tent?  though i'd prefer the main stage

Bill Fay, I've been asking for on a number of occasions and another vote for Jake Serves Fussell whose last long player was one of my picks for 2019.

Passenger to the Mountain Stage ... followed him from his busking days on the streets of Manchester . Also Patti would just be a dream Sunday Night closer . 

Agreed. I believe when he signed up to release Last Place as a Grandaddy album it was a two album deal and bits and pieces of new material have appeared. I'm not sure if he'll be held to the deal now though as I can't see him ever touring with the band again. Solo in the Walled Garden as a headliner would be a dream.

Would love to see Big Thief again, Thee Oh Sees (don't know much about them but saw them at the other place and their live set was incredible)and Lucinda Williams (ditto).

I'd love Oh Sees too but see they are touring the UK in May so probably won't be back later. Hoping to get to see them in Brum. Marc Riley swears they're the best live band around. Failing them then Ty Segall would be a good shout for a bit of noisey stuff. As would Tropical Fuck Storm.


Would love to see them back, their set when they last played was one of the best I've ever seen at GM. Girl Band would be a good booking for those of us that like a bit of noise, as would Hey Colossus and Gnod

The supergroup of sorts made up of Anais Mitchell, Eric Johnson (The Shins) and Josh Kaufman (The National) have been releasing a few singles. New single "The Roving" is lovely. 

Have they ever played GM? About time they did if not, new tunes are sounding good

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever 

Michael Head and The Red Elastic Band 

Tame Impala 

The Weather Station 

Jess Williamson 

Gruff Rhys 

Frazey Ford 

Nadia Reid 

Stephen Malkmus 

David Crosby 

All of the above have got new albums out in 2020,let's get them all booked, come on Green Man.

I'm entriyely with you on this list - and if all of them have new albums out, who knows?

I've said before on here that I'd be prepared to walk from Stockport to Galnusk if it meant that David Crosby was playing.

Just so long as Hot Chip come back again too. 

'Hot Chip, featurin David Crosby - there's a thought


1. Bat for Lashes 

2. Jenny Hval

3. Angel Olsen

4. Richard Dawson

5. Bikini Kill


Altin Gun

BODEGA, again

Boy Azooga

Gruff and/or SFA


Warm Digits pls

Alex Cameron

Hot Chip headlining (was insanely good fun at Blue Dot)

Love to see Ist Ist in the Far Out,watched them several times over the last 2 years but the new tracks from the debut album released in May sound stunning.Going to as many of the May tour gigs as we can possibly make.

I think because Joy Division are such an influential band if your going to play dark gloomy indie/rock it's inevitable your going to get compared to them---a couple of the earlier tracks certainly have a JD feel--even more so if you come from Manchester.I hear early SOM though I get the JD comparison.I had a chat with the singer outside a gig and he said the big influence on his music is Gang of Four.

I did say I get the comparison because of the atmosphere of the sound and it's probably something they will be stuck with,the same way Tallest Man on Earth will be stuck with Bob Dylan comparisons.That track was released today and I played it loud on my laptop and my wife shouted across to me "have Sisters of Mercy released new material finally".I have no problem with JD comparisons but I've seen them both live and there are influences and differences to my ears.

i'd never heard of them before, but on the evidence of that they couldn't get much 'closer' (soz)

could being a joy/division sisters of mertcy tribute band ever be a good thing? not for me

Well I love SOM and going to see them for the zillionth time in a few weeks and enjoy Peter Hook doing his Joy Division shows.

The sad thing is tribute/cover bands probably get paid more than a lot of original  bands.Bumped into one of the Earlies who now is in a covers band playing weddings/birthdays and earning much more.

fair enough

i'm not against wearing your influences on your sleeve

i'm the biggest gospelbeach fan - and they're lucky tom petty died when he did!

i did

but away for work - and a little heartbroken about it...


Just spotted that the Hanging Stars are down to play the Kilkenny Roots festival in May. 

If they have a BPH recommendation I'll be sorely tempted! (Not sure if it's Peridot approved or not??!)

think i may have mentioned tre here before

but his debut record (which has been out digitally for a while now - and i've rinsed) has just got picked up by john prine's oh boy records - and released properly

haley heyndrickx turned me on to him originally - and he'd be a great addition to the 2020 bill (as would a return from HH)

check out the lead track from the album, 'real you':