Looking through the running order I think this is the first year I have significant gaps where there is little or nothing I really need to see.

Convince me I should be seeing something in the following gaps:

Friday - 12.00-3.00 (apart from Mama's Broke)

Saturday - 12.00 - 5.00 (apart from the great Hen Ogledd)

Sunday 12.00-5.00 (apart from Gwenifer Raymond and possibly Johanna Samuels?)


From my listening to the early stuff so far there's an awful lot in the "not bad but not going to blow you away" category. There's little I'm excited about but barely anything has fallen into the "avoid" category.

The closest I've got to recommendations are probably Modern Nature, Mapache (I'm turning into Ray...) and maybe Adwaith, TVAM and Squirrel Flower. Not really got onto Sunday discoveries, mind. 

TVAM for me on the Friday. 

Saturday i’ll be at Mapache, Stella Donnelley, Peaness and Sons of Kemet - clash permitting.

Sunday looks like Self Esteem, Say Sue Me and Anais Mitchell. 

kras, i really, REALLY think you’ll enjoy mapache 

have you listened to their record?

and stella donnelly is effortlessly charming - in a very sweary / can speak a remarkable amount of welsh kind of way

would have thought she’d be right up your strasse 

Yeah Mapache are OK. I like the lonely LA cowboy song but they kind make me want to listen to the real thing, it's all a bit of a pastiche isn't it?

Have tried Stella Donnelly largely 'cos lots of people seem to really like her but doing nothing for me

Don't get TVAM at all.

Sons of Kemet would have been on my want to see list until I saw their self-indulgent tedious Glastonbury set.

Peaness and Say Sue Me could be fun.

I feel like I should really like Modern Nature - everything about them I should love but I do find them a little dull.

Can't make me mind up about Anais Mitchell. Might be the kind of thing that really works for me on the day. Or not.

Say Sue Me have a near perfect indie pop song in Good For Some Reason. Worth checking them out for that song alone in my opinion! 

Saw Peaness a few months back and they were indeed very fun! Seem to have a pretty big following despite their low billing - would expect there to be a big crowd. 

Yeah I also watched Sons of Kemet’s set at Glasto and it didn’t captivate me either but I’ve seen live videos where it looks excellent. Will certainly be there for the start and then probably watch A Certain Ratio. 

Think i’ll be sitting on the hill with some nice food watching Anais. She’s obviously very talented (won the Tony award this for original score) and has some amazing songs e.g. Taylor and Sailor. 


Foxwarren do anything for you Kras?


...or Malena Zavala?

Looking at Friday afternoon‘s weather forecast The Beths and Pigs x7 have leapt up the pecking order for me. That might completely change by Friday of course!

I was originally leaning to Julia Jacklin over Pigsx7 as I'll being seeing Pigs later in the year, but the weather is making the Pigs option seem very attractive as things stand!

The Pigs are great fun provided you take them no more seriously than they take themselves, but I'd probably endure some rain for Julia.

I remember watching Adam Torres in the Walled Garden in torrential rain,wonderful performance,and not feeling able to leave because there were only about a dozen people there.Will make some choices based on the weather and hoping Friday night is dry so we can end with Ex-re and Snapped Ankles in the WG--just a pain our latest night is followed by our earliest start with Modern Nature---Kraken and Cider will see us through.

I was there BPH, he was excellent and seemed rather surprised that people had bothered to stand there in the pouring rain to watch him.

Not going to appeal to many on here but Scalping were excellent at Blue Dot--if dancing and bouncing at a rave is your thing---trouble is they clash with Car Seat Headrest who are so damn good live.

Friday is abit bare for me in this slot too, a couple of pints and a wander I think.

Adwaith are worth a watch first thing on Saturday. I'm not decided between The Big Moon and Sons of Kemet later on then, leaning towards The Big Moon at the minute.

For Sunday it'll be Self Esteem and Yak for your time slot.