Quiet Camping Area

How quiet do you need to be in the Quite Camping Area? Is it more about being aware of the people around you, no loud music after 11pm, kids on a leash etc?

Any feedback would be great.

Also, is there a way of getting a map of the festival before arriving? My son gets very nervous when travelling to new places and likes to plan everything out


Thanks in advance

I don't think you get to see a map in advance of the festival but i seem to remember someone posting one from previous years here and it doesn't usually change much - was that you peridot?

Never camped in quiet camping before but it won't be all that quiet - there used to be a famous thread on here entitled 'all night disco wrecked my weekend', I've bnever recovered fully from its deletion.

I posted a general layout on this thread http://forum.greenman.net/forum/car-park-closest-family-camping

Although a couple of others highlighted that the box office had been moved last year allowing expansion of the general camping area, so my quiet camping location may be wrong.

I don't think it's very heavily 'policed' but being in that area does give you the right to ask anyone taking the piss noise-wise to pipe down.


If you send me your email, I'll see what I can do.

Everything seems a bit different this year with them releasing set times on the clashfinder etc and it looks like we will be getting a site map pre-programme!

Someone asked on twitter on the 7th;

Q: Any ideas where one can find a site map for . Can't find anything on the GM site...cheers.

A from Green Man: You'll have to wait a few more days Chris! x

clashfinder times are just a guess based on last year

and already certainly wrong in places

and i'd guess that twatter reply about the site map just means 'wait till you get here'