Just filled in this year's questionnaire.

Rather alarmed at suggestion to ban gazebos. Were there so many abandoned? Or is this a way of freeing up more space to fit more pople in?

For those of us there for the whole week a gazenbo is bloody essential! And I wouldn't dream of leaving it there even if it was broken.

On another point the question about independence/sponsorship is till there. Make sure they get the right answer! I'm pretty sure I'd stop coming if that were to change.

Re. independence/sponsorship; I might be a bit naive here (and no doubt somebody will explain to me why!), but I don't think sponsorship has to materially compromise independence.  But it does depend on what is meant by 'sponsorship'.  My answer was that provided any sponsorship doesn't impact on the choices made by the bookers, or the selection of e.g. food and drink, I don't have a problem with it.  It potentially increases the festival's revenue without compromising its offering in any real way.  Clearly this does depend on who the sponsors are and what they are after.  Do football fans have a problem with shirt sponsors? Mainly not - although some will due to the ethics of the sponsor (e.g. betting or payloan companies) - as they don't pick the team managment, squad or team itself.  And is Green Man not already sponsored in some way by the 'Friends of Green Man'.

Maybe they could increase space by limiting it to one gazebo per group... maybe they want to build more entertainment space! It was our first year bringing a gazebo this year and it definitely did make a difference on Wednesday and Friday morning in particular when it rained non stop! 

I do often wonder at green man just how people can be bothered to build the enormous tented villages they construct for small numbers. I saw one moderately sized group with four gazebos linked together this year. I reckon the average tent space per head (inc gazebo) at green man must be 5-6 x that of glastonbury? 

My gazebo has become an essential,especially for settlers needing somewhere to escape the rain (this year) or the relentless sun (last year).

regarding sponsorship, I wonder how serious this is being considered or whether it is the opportunity to inform us that the experience was better by not having massive sponsorship boards everywhere and a hard sell from the sponsorS, a price worth paying even if it means we are not going to get The Rollin* Stones or Beyoncé on the main stage.  but then again, screw them if they would only consider coming if the price was right, their loss and I prefer artists who stop playing to say how much they have enjoyed coming somewhere special and different (such as Patti Smith did one Thursday).  

For the dark side of Corporate Led sponsored festival, look at the likes of V, reading and Leeds And talk to people who have been to other festivals.  They are not treated or looked after as well as we Are at GM, but rather herded about and treated as a commodity to get more money out of.  they may have good line ups on paper, but is it as good as a weekend in a welsh valley?

They've asked the sponsorship question in every questionnaire that I remember so am hoping its not a serious consideration but there to confirm our feelings to the organisers. Maybe some aren't as opposed to it as me though.

Agreed, some of the settlements within the settlement were over the top this year but we really would miss having our gazebo and woulkd probably have to get a bigger tent, taking up the same amount of room.

We bought a shelter dome (which I guess counts as a gazebo?) this year and wondering why I didn't get one sooner. So I'm hoping they aren't serious about a ban.  Can see the reason though as some seemed to be pitched for no good reason or excessive.

There was a gazebo ban at Blue Dot festival this year but there is very limited camping space----they searched on entry and stopped anyone taking one inside.

We use tarps/awnings rather than gazebos, not sure how this would be policed? Don't recall seeing much stuff left behind, but we did get away earlier than usual this year.

Re.sponsorship - surely never going to happen is it? As Krasnyi says it's been asked as long as I've been going, and he's been going longer than me, a very slippery slope, Latitude being a good example, what was once unobstrusive ends up with a Danish Quarter (Carlsberg) and a Vodaphone tower, and more importantly a dire lineup


Can't remember who I had this conversation with at Green Man this year (almost ertainlu someone on here!) but we were saying that as soon as you get sponsorship then inevitably there is an impact on which acts get booked. Some sponsors might not be happy having their name alongside names like Holy Fuck, Fuck Buttons etc or wouldn't want to be associated with controversial performers. But beyond that, I have one week in August where I can get away from all the corporate marketing bullshit that pervades our lives the other 51 weeks of the year. It's precious.

corporate sponsorship is a handshake with the devil

and not the one who has all the good tunes

yes, putting on a festival is a financially precarious undertaking

and a guaranteed injection of cash for (supposedly) nothing more than the right to display some placards is understandably tempting

but rock and roll is a notoriously jittery horse

you can't sit any old cunt on its back and expect it not to buck

Ain't singin' for Pepsi
Ain't singin' for Coke
I don't sing for nobody
Makes me look like a joke
This note's for you.

Ain't singin' for Miller
Don't sing for Bud
I won't sing for politicians
Ain't singin' for Spuds
This note's for you.

I'm against sponsorship for the same reasons as Krasnyi but there is a grey area in what we're talking about. You could say it's fine for organisations that are obviously connected to GM chucking in a sum of money to get some extra exposure but precedents can be tricky things. Once you've got a Visit Wales Rising Stage the pressure's on for a Pistonhead Lager Walled Garden and then that escalates to a Jagermeister Far Out Tent then a BP Mountain stage. I'm exaggerating, but these things can slip pretty quickly under the pressure of capitalism (as it sounds like has happened with Latitude).

No problem with Gazebos- if people want to chill/shelter on the campsite it creates more space around the stages. Not sure why they're thinking of restricting them- surely camping space isn't the block to them increasing numbers again? If it's excessive, introduce a size limit or limit to no more than one per x people?

I did put in my feedback that people roping off sections or making a ring of tents so close to each other you can't get between them can get annoying. Think it was Friday night that I was trying to get back to my tent and somehow ended up in an endless loop between a couple of enclosures that seemed to be joined together and the only possible exit was to go back in the opposite direction to where I was heading.

Re: Gazebos, we changed to a tarp a few years ago and I'm a big fan of it but it still takes up as much room as our gazebo did when erected, so I'd guess they would be treated in the same way if the concerns are about space.  The tarp plus a small 2 man tent packs down much smaller than a gazebo or our bigger tent which makes it ideal for festivals. If they were banned I'd just take the bigger tent for the added living space, so we'd still take up the same amount of space regardless.