Potential 2016 headliners

Not that I'm really bothered about such things, but any thoughts who we'd like to see next year? I think they made a pretty good job of it this year all in all. Sure SFA helped shift a few tickets anyway. I'll throw in Beck, PJ Harvey and Bonnie Prince Billy for what it's worth, though I doubt they'd sell out as quickly as this year with that lot. I'd be more than happy with Nick Cave too

Crikey, just back from seeing Sufjan Stevens in Manchester.

It was one the best gigs of all time, incredible! (and I've been to a lot of brilliant gigs, I can tell you)

Can he be a headliner next year please?


Repeating other people's great ideas and adding a few of my own:

Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, The Magnetic Fields, Hawksley Workman, Patrick Wolf, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Buck, Elvis Perkins, The Decemberists, Richard Hawley, Tom Waits, UOGB, Edwyn Collins, The Handsome Family, The Divine Comedy, Grizzly Bear, The Tiger Lillies, Gary Le Strange, The Twilight Sad

Any of the above would be smashing :)

Michael Hurley


Abul Mogard

Bitchin Bajas

Vibracathedral Orchestra

Mike Cooper

Aine O'Dwyer

Sam Lee

Acid Mothers

The Necks

Richard Bishop

Dick Diver

Robert Foster

Sly and the Family Drone

Flaming Gods


The Clean

Rat Columns

Martin Newell

Ty Segal


Black Twig Pickers 

Hiss Golden Messenger

Chris Forsyth

Frazey Ford

Thee oh Sees

Hans Chew

D Charles Speer

Grumbling Fur

Bardo Pond

Glen Jones

Jake Xerxes Fusssell

Cian Nugent

Daniel Bachman

Norman Blake (US one and Scottish one)

Weather Station

As this is turning into a 'who do we want to see next year' thread may I prpose a Birmingham afternoon in the Walled Garden featuring Boat to Row, Misty's Big Adventure and Goodnight Lenin? Hell I'd even curate it myself in return for four tickets and unlimited hot tubs.

Boat to Row: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adg1FqBrMD8

Misty's Big Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z33ZgKGmhrg

Goodnight Lenin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgRZplfTLvw

Is Damien Rice an option? I don't know how big he is in the UK though, because I'm from the Netherlands