Post- GM2014 Top 5

Predictably, and in response to the comment from Black Catista, a thread for your top 5 acts of GM2014.


- only 5, please!

- Ideally in some sort of ranking order

Mine (in descending order of amazeballsness):

1. East India Youth

2. Adult Jazz

3. Highasakite

4. Nick Mulvey

5. Teleman



Starting with the best:

1. Jeffrey Lewis

2. James Yorkston

3. Samantha Crain

4. Pictish Trail

5. Frank Fairfield


How about we give 6 points for a first place, 4 for a second, 3 for a third, 2 for a fourth and 1 for a fifth place and award an official forum top 5 at the end of it. I'll keep score. Top 5s by midnight this Friday, please!

Mine, as featured on the other thread:

1) Neutral Milk Hotel

2) Mercury Rev

3) Sun Kil Moon

4) Ought

5) Sons of Noel and Adrian.

Great idea, bc.

Come on then, forumites, let's try for a full house of responses.


This is hard and I'lll probably change my mind!

For now at least:

1)Mercury Rev

2)Sun Kil Moon

3)Nick Mulvey

4)Vancouver Sleep Clinic 




Does it have to be musical acts?

1. Mercury Rev

2. Sun Kil Moon

3. Neutral Milk Hotel

4. Bill Callahan

5. Andy Miller in the literature tent

Alternative 5. The bit I saw of Slint

1) Teleman

2) Neutral Milk Hotel

3) Toy

4) Ought

5) Samantha Crain


I could continue, but I won't because rules are rules,  it was a wonderful weekend packed with great music and happy memories.

1. Mac DeMarco

2. Jeffrey Lewis

3. Neutral Milk Hotel

4. Real Estate

5. Vancouver Sleep Clinic

1. Bill Callahan

2. Sun Kil Moon

3. Jonathan Wilson

4. Viv Albertine

5. Samantha Crain

Unfortunately circumstances meant that we didn't arrive until about 8O'clock on Friday so we missed some bands we were looking forward to that have made it into other people's lists (Pictish Trail, Toy, no-one's mentioned Plank, were they any good?) but here's my list:

1. Panda Bear

2. Caribou

3. Ought

4. Real Estate

5. Georgia Ruth


1. The War On Drugs
2. Mercury Rev
3. First Aid Kit
4. Nick Mulvey
5. Daughter

I didn't see as much on the Far Out or the Walled Garden this year, hence the Mountain Stage dominance.

1 Mac DeMarco

2 The War on Drugs

3 Mutual Benefit

4 Jonathan Wilson

5 First Aid Kit

1. Sun Kil Moon

2. Neutral Milk Hotel

3. Bill Callahan

4. Ought

5. The Waterboys 

1. Teleman

2. Stanley Brinks 

3. Fat White Family

4. Jeffrey Lewis

5. Waterboys

1. Sun Kil Moon

2. Bill Callahan

3. Nick Mulvey

4. Ry X

5. Angel Olsen

*caveated heavily by the fact the kids didn't allow anywhere near the freedom of previous years and I was effectively stationed at the main stage the entire weekend i.e. I caught the last 10mins of William Tyler and he almost made the list on that basis alone.  Similarly with Samantha Crain.  And, as I've said elsewhere, disappointed to have missed Frank Fairfield, The Rails, Michael Chapman, Ought, Typesun... altogether.  i'm sure some of those would have featured.  but its impossible to experience everything (unless you're Ben it would seem.  a fine effort that lad!)

Did anyone actually see more than the last 10 minutes of William Tyler? If William Tyler plays his guitar in the walled garden and there's nobody there to hear it, did he actually play?


i did wonder about that

was he playing to a half empty field?

and then suddenly to a packed audience for the last 10 minutes?

must have been a strange experience if so

boy, did he wow us latecomers though...

1. John Mouse

2. Jeffrey Lewis

3. The Sons of Noel and Adrian

4. Teleman

5. The Rumble-O's (live soundtrack to The Endless Summer)

I saw the first 15-20 mins of William Tyler

It was lovely but |I was cold and needed a pee....

1. Other Lives

2. Teleman

3. Samantha Crain

4. Jeffrey Lewis

5. Stanley Brinks

Finally some love for East India Youth. He really was incredible. As were Teleman. Holy Moley, the Walled Garden had the most amazing headliner line-up...


what?  actually at GM?

i'll have to check on the aide memoire - as MK introduced the band, i think

it's possible - as steve is in europe, working with thurston on his new band with debbie goodge

Might be wrong, but I thought it looked like him. That said, I've not seen Steve Shelley for a while, so maybe that was a figment of my imagination as I knew he played on the album

Best 5 songs...

1. Teleman   not in control

2. Freschard/Stanley Brinks   tweet tweet

3. Bill Callahan   America

4. Kurt Vile   freak train (the girly whooping during the rest of the set was a bit off putting...)

5. The Waterboys   The pan within (raggle taggle was pretty amazing too though)

Didn't see half the things I hoped to see (toddler in tow) but still saw some great music

1. Ought
2. Sun Kil Moon
3. Shirley Collins in conversation with Pete Paphides
4. Bill Callahan
5. Neutral Milk Hotel

In terms of personal enjoyment (which often depends as much on mood/ circumstances as the actual performance):

1. Sharon van Etten

2. Mac Demarco

3. War on Drugs

4. Nick Mulvey

5. Samantha Crain


1) Mercury Rev

2) Vancouver Sleep Clinic

3) Sun Kil Moon

4) Fat White Family

5) Hamilton Leithauser

Ok,they i might edit the order later.

1]   I break horses-----mainly because i had not heard much or was expecting much but the wall of sound and the stage presence just mesmerised me--first thing we did on arriving home was to see if they were touring.

2]  Other lives----sublime and getting better every time,was chuffed when they approached me later and remembered me from their previous uk tour[well i did see them 7 times]

3] Mercury rev----just made for Green Man and the Sparklehorse cover and The Dark is rising rounding off an excellent set.

4]  Samaris---just beautiful sound and vocals and the first time i have finally snapped at someone at a festival for continuous talking and then whooping at the end of each song--i told three lads to stop talking or get out of the tent to carry on their conversation but was ready to run and leave Ann,my wife,to sort them out and believe me she would have done.

5] Neutral Milk Hotel----not the same as seeing them with like minded fans indoors earlier this year but still magical lyrics and a very deliberate vocal style which demands attention.

Probably another 10 just bubbling under.Vintage year but more psych next year please.

Some things that others haven't mentioned:

1 - Neko Case. A goddess.

2 - Urban Folk Quartet. Who'd have thought a triangle solo could send a (mostly-young) crowd into such a frenzy?

3 - Pappys in the comedy tent. I don't know if they were really ad-libbing as much as they seemed to be, but they were chokingly funny in any case.

4 - Zachary Cale. I had never heard a note of his music before, but he was so instantly engaging that it didn't seem at all unfamiliar.

Now a standard answers, but I can't leave him out:

5  - Jeffrey Lewis. How does he remember all of the words? He played some dates in support of Neko Case this summer; I didn't see any of these because I would probably have died of happiness if I had.


Heres my top 5's


1 Mercury Rev

2 Anna Calvi

3 Sharon Van Etten

4 Caribou

5 Toy


and non music

1 Pappys

2 American Interior

3 Real Ale and Cider Bar

4 Gruff Rhys

5 Andy Miller


A top weekend  - my first, but hopefully not last Green Man

Could do with a bit quieter camp spot next time though, as I am not as young as I used to be, and can no longer do staying up till 6am talking bollosks outside the tent with my mates!


1. Mercury Rev (one of my favourite green man performances ever)

2. Sharon Van Etten

3. William Tyler

4. Daughter

5. Anna Calvi

(and a special mention for The Wind Rises in the cinema tent).

That's almost 6, michael. Which would be cheating (see rules in OP). But only almost. So it isn't. So that's all good.


Remember you've got until midnight to enter your top 5s, at which point I'll have finished my spreadsheet and will be able to announce an overall top 5. I think I can guess who's won already, but we'll see, and a couple of votes another way will swing it....

1. The War on Drugs
2. Jonathan Wilson
3. Neko Case (indeed a goddess)
4. Mutual Benefit
5. William Tyler