Was not sure whether to post this but I'm not sure if it made the news in England--the police are investigating a possible rape in the early hours of Sunday at Green Man,the police want people to check their photos and videos to see if they can spot the person they are looking to question.The description and e-fit are on BBC Wales website,so have a check before deleting any.

Awful to hear this, and not in the same league as this but the reports I've read about a number of tent robberies too. Can't say I've ever noticed a whiff of anything like this at Green Man, though you do often get a number of people turning up on Sunday who are only there for the fireworks and to go on the lash. I guess there's always a chance of getting one rotten apple in a crowd of 25,000 but is it almost becoming a victim of its own success I wonder, attracting a wider crowd and more opportunist wrong-uns? Whatever this distressing report does cast a shadow over what was another lovely weekend. I hope someone recognises the description and the perpetrator is found.