patti smith

expect some kind of tribute to allen lanier in patti's set tonight

her old boyfriend, and blue oyster cult guitarist, died yesterday of pulmonary disease

You were right ray, Patti did perform a tribute to him, very moving too, only marginally spoiled by a bunch of complete tossers standing behind me (yes you, girl in the spotted dress and your boring crowd to the right of the stage)who were obviously under the mistaken belief that I had paid £140 to listen to their bullshit conversation instead of Patti Smith....

...anyway, Patti was wonderful and her set was so thoughtfully appropriate for Green Man.

I thought Patti Smith's performance was one of the best I've ever heard in any genre.

I also love the way people want to join in.

she was fantastic

certainly the best of any 'stripped down' show i've ever seen her do

patrick wolf is always a great sparring partner for her

am i the only person, though, who thinks that bloody amy winehouse song is the worst thing she's ever done?

Patrick was indeed great, I wasn't aware he played with her. Don't mind the Amy song but could have done without the 'tribute' to Prince George

Yours Grumpily....

I think Patti is one of the most wonderful human beings to have ever lived and Thursday night certainly made up for missing her in Cardiff last year due to travel difficulties.

And I love 'This is the Girl'.


I'd love a setlist if anyone records such things, I took my 10 year old daughter, who spent half the set crippling me on my shoulders.  This was one of the greatest performances I've ever seen and my daughter is still buzzing about that show nearly a week later... would love to get her a few of those songs on a couple of albums.