Parking ticket query


Sorry for the boring topic!

I usually buy a parking ticket in advance when I purchase the main ticket.  For some reason I didn't this year (was there an option?).

Is it possible to sort one in advance?  I can't see an option anywhere.




If it's for the family parking definitely buy one or they won't let you in and you'll have to park in general camping car park. You should be able to get one on ticketline or whatever it's called - of course it'll cost you an aram and leg with booking fees. I decided not to last year (having done what you've done this year) ansd it was a baaad mistake.

Thanks Krasnyi

They're not on the ticketline link, so I assume all the advance ones are gone.

I think I did pay on the day once a few years back.  I know it'll be more, but I accept that.  My only concern is that you are still able to pay on the day.  If anyone can clarify that, I'd be most grateful.

I usually come up from West Wales and meet friends on site.  I do post offering space in the car if anyone wants a lift.

Can't believe I didn't do book a parking ticket with the main one - I've done that virtually every year.



You did used to be able to pay on the day. Last year we arrived around lunchtime thursday and were told famly parking was sold out and that we could not pay there and then. They did allow us to drive up close to the box office and unload. Then I left family there and went round to the general camping parking. Meanwhile it pissed down! Leaving on the Monday was a bloody nightmare! If you can get hold of parking tickets I'd strongly recomend it especially if you have young children.

Thanks Krasnyi

I've found a forum message from Walter from last year saying you could pay on the day, so I'm assuming it's the same this year.

I have to get away sharpish on the Monday, so I don't think I'll be able to travel with friends etc.  That's why I'm concerned that I'll be able to get my car there.  I don't have family, so general parking is fine.

Last year was a nightmare - after waiting hours to get off site and getting through the mud, my suspension gave out a mile off site.  Took me til 8pm to get to West Wales, with the help of the AA. 

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my boring post!





Just to mention that it was possible to order a parking ticket still (hasn't arrived yet though).  For some reason, they didn't appear when I looked online using my phone, but I could see them later when looking on my laptop.

Green Man were very good with replying to e-mails btw.