Parking ticket Help !

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute is there !! 

Just discovered we need a a parking ticket . Looking for a family parking ticket but failing that a general one will do.

Can I get one when I turn up, if so how do you go about it and is it an easy process



My husband isn't so sure about this. He thinks he read somewhere that family parking was sold out. Best to check with the organisers I think! Sorry for being no use whatsoever! 

I think family parking is sold out but General parking available on the gate. It is a longer walk to the family camping area so best to have some sort of wheeled thingy for the tent and baggage.

I have bought a family parking by mistake and need a general parking one. Will I be ok to park in general parking?

I'm not that far from Crickhowell, so I could be there for 10 o'clock and would be happy to swap parking tickets. It would probably better to meet in Abergavenny as its easier to park there.

Would love to swap, but a bit worried about how crazy it will be on the morning - I'm in a convoy of 4 coming up from Cardiff - will check when we'll be leaving and get back to you....

Just think of all those poor kids struggling across the Brecon badlands lugging their Mum's three litre boxes of Chardonnay to the family camping area cos ye gits stole their place in the family car park.


I will be there Thursday mid- afternoon if anyone is desperate to swap