Orange Car Park and Daily access

Gutted to find we missed the campervan tickets. We have now booked onto a local camp site and intend to travel into the festival daily. Has anyone done this ? All info suggests we can leave and re enter the car parks .. Again, anyone done this and found any problems.? 

Which campsite have you booked onto gdleb?

You may find the park & ride convienent - it's situated just the other side of Crickhowell.

Otherwise you can come and go to the carpark (subject to ground conditions), but will have a longer walk into the site compared to the P&R drop-off point.


i think pick up and drop off traffic was restricted last year to encourage using the park and ride.  Because it is a narrow lane between the two car park entrances, a one way system is in force.  if you have orange car park ticket it may mean you have a long diversion to reach the car park.  Very scenic but a bind to drive every day and not good in the dark.  

Suggest you check out the park and ride.