neal casal

terrible news this morning of the passing of neal casal

another one gone way too young, at just 50

not everyone here will be familair with neal

but he was a fixture on the socal scene that's produced so much of the music i've loved over the last few years

member of beachwood parks, gospelbeach, circles around the sun, the chris robinson brotherhood and ryan adams' cardinals - and main man of the skiffle players

not to mention 10+ solo albums - session work on innumerable records (for lucinda williams, willie nelson, vetiver, the tyde, little wings, mark olson and countless others) - and a fine second career as a photographer

he took a break from touring last year - on the back of unspecified 'health concerns'

so presumably today's news is the sad culmination of that


really sad

he had circles around the sun shows later in the year

and just posted a week or so ago on twitter about a record he was producing

so despite last year's health problems, this has presumably come pretty much out of the blue

Such a waste.

I had a close relative 20 years old who killed himself a few months back, causes so much devastation.