My head gasket has gone on the campervan

I bought a live in vehicle ticket back in January and will be attending the festival with a family of four.We purchased these tickets with friends who also have a campervan and are a family of four so that we could camp together. Now my van has blown up on me and it won't be fixed in time for the festival. Can we pitch a tent next to our friends campervan as we still have a valid vehicle ticket 

Sorry to hear about your campervan topgun :( There has been a couple of other forum members with similar tales of woe.

The rules allow a 4-man tent beside a campervan in any case so you should be fine.


At first reading I thought that this thread title was in some kind of weird hipster  type slang.

I now realise that it's campervan dudes communicating with their own kind.

Ahhh  cute.

With an even more evelated status this year Cyfarthfa - "overlooking the site" I believe Walter said. 

Looking down upon the Hoi Polloi below ;-)


Hi sorry to hear about your van if you didn't need the campervan ticket would love to buy it off you as we are desperate for one,sally


yes the live in vehicle ticket is for sale at face value plus £5 PP unless you can get down to where we live to pick it up. We are in South Wales.I put this up on the forum this morning, looks like it got removed. Anyway if your still interested let me know and we can sort something out