michael chapman

just saw the horrible news that michael chapman has passed away

was introduced to him (far too late) by GM

and saw him many times elsewhere

huge loss

I read this too late last night.

I was fortunate enough to see him on numerous occasions over the years including a brilliant 'noise' show with Thurston Moore.

Like you say a huge loss.

Sad to hear the news this morning. Glad that Green Man (and Marc Riley) introduced me to him and gave me the opportunity to see him play a couple of times though. 

Thanks for that Ray. Definitely worth listening to those again. Would have loved to see him back next year but sadly not to be. 

no worries

and yes - i do wonder how much that enforced 18 months off might have contributed to his passing

he's basically been on tour for 50 years

that must have been the longest time away from an audience he's ever had since he started playing professionally