Metronomy Added To Green Man 2012 Line-up

We’re bringing a little extra treat to the celebrations - the mighty Metronomy are heading to Wales’ as Green Man’s very special guests for summer 2012!

The Devon/Brighton-based quartet, led by dance-pop genius Joseph Mount, will play an extended live set on the Mountain Stage on Saturday August 18. Joseph is an old friend of the Green Man, having put on an absolutely blinding night of dancefloor mischief when Metronomy curated Far Out After Dark in 2010.

Since then, The English Riviera - Metronomy’s incredible third album – has catapulted the band into the stratosphere: a gorgeous, unashamed pop record full of languid, sunset funk songs tailor-made for a balmy summer’s evening.

Also newly added to the line-up for this summer’s Green Man are…

Savages, Tom Williams & The Boat & Loney, Dear.

Plus we've also added a whole heap of guest DJs to the Walled Garden Stage, and there's even some extra little delights to be found in Chai Wallahs.

For the full line-up and more info head over to the news page:


Much love




Metronomy are so good live! Hurrah!

Also really looking forward to the DJs in the Walled Garden,  last year's Saturday night shenanigans were a highlight for me!


This is FANTASTIC news!

Now I can look forward to watching Field Music and TTMOE on Saturday night with no clash from the pre-Van-the-Man act! Special Guests, my arse! Thanks GM - you have brilliantly NOT upset my plans with this announcement!

Now, Loney, Dear is another matter altogether...

*crosses anti-clash fingers*


Excellent news! Green Man you never disappoint. Metronomy were one of my favourite finds last year and I never got round to seeing them. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to you wonderful, wonderful people!

Thank you so much Green Man, this is a wonderful addition. Metronomy are fantastic live and will be fantastic in the Welsh hills. Quality booking but the regular posters will always find something to moan about.

I hope that wasn't a theopopp at me, theopopp!

I suspect it might be as mine is the only not-ecstatic post in this thread so far.

If it was then you might note that I was not in anyway moaning! My being underwhelmed ny the announcement of Metronomy does indeed, as I said, NOT create a clash worry for me. I have nothing against them at all. I simplly find them a bit ordinary and uninspiring, that's all.

So lay off the regulars, or I'll set Mr Ray on yer...


Excellent news just got the announcement, really looking forward to these guys they were a big highlight for me whatever the year was they played, 2010 I think.  I can't bloody well wait.

Glad to get that over with not much interest from me but it will be epic all the same, it's amazing how many people are all of a sudden metronomy fans!

yes go on mr ray, get it off your chest, you not a metronomy fan?

Can i put some requests in for 2013, check out my posts for 2012 requests haha

No not a pop at you bennyhanna just at the general tone on some of the other threads. Seems majority of the posters are never happy with the line up but I guess it may be they are disappointed at the lack of more traditional folk and the change in the green man line up over the years.

I was just teasing, theo!

In fairness, the negativity towards their 'own' festival is much more moderate on here that other forums. I take it you don't embrace compaining as the ultimate British sport and tradition...?!


I'm really not sure it HAS changed all that much over the years - or at least since I started coming in 2007. There's rather less of the psych-folk stuff perhaps but there was never a huge trad folk element (occasionally the likes of the Unthanks, Alisdair Roberts, Bellowhead - all of whom a hardcore 'trad' audience would probably turn their noses up at). I do think there are certain people who have to be at Green Man - every year (where are you James Yorkston, Euros Childs and Gruff Rhys?). Having built up a dedicated clientele over the years the organisers would have to be pretty bloody silly to change it hugely now. 

No I love a good moan :), just confused as to what would make people happy. Yeah I'd have to agree that even if the line up has changed the overall feel of the festival has stayed the same since I started going in 2007. King Creosote's making another regular appearance which I am very happy about as I love the new album and have been told very good things about his live show.

Riduculous to say really, and almost certainly optimistic with no rationale, but I can not believe that August can be anything other than so much more settled weather-wise. Forecast for the next few weeks is also pretty crappy, so surely there has to a point when high pressure comes in...AUGUST!

 bloody kid's pop!


Oh, and theo - careful...your current posting rate will soon earn you a regular poster tag...and we all know what you think of us ;o)


there are both a cat and union jacks in theo's picture

so obviously i'm paying no attention to him whatsoever

(although he does seem eminently reasonable otherwise)

OK, FIRSTLY - Solely in the spirit of point scoring after my 'Forecasted' debacle yesterday, the flag is only a 'Jack' when flown at sea (and that's from a vessel, before you suggest that theopopp's picture might be him on the Isle of Wight ferry...)

15 all

And SECONDLY - why the animosity to the flag, ray? And I'm genuinely interested. I really love the Union Flag and am delighted that recent national events, regardless of the legitimacy behind their importance (Royal events etc) have reinvigorated the nation's desire to champion it.

I was born in Canada, grew up in Britain and am, ostensibly, British. But I've spent much of my life in Canada and am always (a) very proud of the flag and (b) always heartened by the pride with which it is flown and regarded, pretty universally by the population (excepting the grumpy Frenchies in Quebec, of course!).

So why so down on the ol' red, white and blue Mr Rad?


no please no more additions the let down is too much, no thats your lot..

Don't have a problem with regular posters, only wanting a bit more optimisim on the forum ;)

In my defence the union jack is completely ironic.

Rang up the Mrs and told her the news she is a massive Matronomy fan as I am. This is an unexpected but very happy surprise and has spurned us into getting the tent out in readiness and now massive pile of tent is sitting looking at me in the kitchen. Where to start...

Doubt if there'll be any more acts to be announced though I've just seen that Jeffrey Lewis starts a UK tour on 23rd August - surely he might be persuaded to come over a bit sooner and play Green Man?