Map for 2013

The new layout is up with a few changes - campfire has moved, bar on main stage looks like it's moved  etc. 

Not so sure on the move of the family camping. I like being able to hear the Main Stage when stuck at the tent with my kid :-(

I'm in the live in vehicle area, and the field is pretty small, so don't know what it will be like on Thursday as there doesn't appear to my that much space left.

we've always camped in the family camping on the edge of the disabled camping, this appears to be accessible camping (I presume for disabled ticket holders only?)  I suggest that families camp where we always camp and then we'll be in our own 'family camping'.  It seems silly to have to take all our stuff further and have our children walk further every day... I can't see family parking on the map either (which is paid for) and I hope that we don't have to walk further than usual? 

I think I remember some people in family camping complaining about noise in previous years, so maybe it was moved further away from the main stage to make sure it's a bit quieter in the evenings?

I do feel a bit sorry for Green Man about this kind of change sometimes - you can't please all the people all the time.

It looks to me that family camping has just expanded into the old live-in vehicle area, so more room for everyone and closer to the family car park, not further.

The new live-in vehicle area is not shown, only the small holiday camping one in the same place as last year.


So where is the live-in vehicle camping? Don't tease us with an incompelte map! I guess it will be bottom right although that is not exactly over looking the site as advertised. 

Reading the directions for non-holiday live-in and looking at a proper map of the area I'd say us normal Live-in will be just off the top left of the map as I can't image that they would have live driving past tent camping.

If GM Radio has usurped Strumpets with Crumpets I am not going to be a happy bunny.  Can we still access the site where GM radio is now?  Ta muchly.