Local Natives

Hummingbird is one of the best Albums of the last few years IMO. I cannot wait to see them live. I'm also looking forward to seeing Band of Horses and Ben Howard.

The only band missing to complete my ideal line up is Dry the River. Any chance Green Man? :)

J'adore Hummingbird too... Really, really great band live. Lord Huron are also pretty amazing in a fairly similar way : )

They are one hell of a band , a rare breed of music. The world needs more of this sound!! I am really looking forward to the Green Man this year and the preformances from Local Natives, Band of Horses, Ben Howard, Lord Huron, Swans, Low...heck it all looks good!!

There is a full Hummingbird set and and interview on youtube at the moment. 

Very tight live band, remind me a lot of dry the river in that their harmonies are just as good live.