Literature stage


Green Man seems determined to keep bestowing great riches on us.

I'm not sure I can cope with any more ... I can see that there are going to be difficult choices and compromises to be made.

slightly disappointed with the very vehement insistence that robert wyatt's appearance will NOT be a musical performance

but intrigued by the fact that they don't say that about copey...

So looking forward to listening to Robert Wyatt. Would have been my Festival highlight had he been singing. Excited nonetheless!

agreed - a singing wyatt would have been a coup

but even just a chat will be great

no doubt, he'll have a few things to say about the recently passed and much missed kevin ayers

The best thing about Copey gigs these days is the hugely entertaining chat, which more often than not accounts for a good part of his set anyway. Wouldn't be surprised if we got some music out of him too though. Agree, that fantastic as it would be to see a singing Wyatt, it's great to see him there in any capacity, and I'm sure he has plenty to say

As above ... nearly had to be revived on first reading the Robert Wyatt email (no glasses on, reading email on phone!)
It couldn't have got any better if he was playing. Still, to hear him speak will be wonderful.