Line up changes

Sadly Little Dragon are off the lineup.

On the plus side new bands to dsicover!

Has anyone seen Tirzah? 


Saw Tirzah at EOTR in 2018 or 19 (who knows anymore). Very early days in her career. Music good, performance less so, but I think it was one of her first festivals and she looked very nervous. 

Who will the Wedding Present stand in for this year? And will we be told? Managed to miss them in 2019.

I think only Lynks and Faux Real I will definitely watch from the new list though I might try Shovel Collective and I cannot find anything by Craft Punk.I've ended up with a list of 29 acts to watch but only King Hannah who is a must see but that will give me enough bands to watch with probably changes still to come.Chai Wallahs as not really added anything though Showhawk Duo are always fun to watch at festivals.

Hak Baker replaces Aoife Nessa Frances who unfortunately can no longer make it. Does this mean Ray might break with tradition and make the forum meet-up after all? Where has that thread gone by the way?

Not a change, but for info.

Record store today:

12 Home Counties

2 The Cool Greenhouse

3 Los Bitchos

4 Martha Skye Murphy

5 Wet Leg

6 Big Joanie